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You read banned books, but by whom?

By which I mean: BANNED by whom? Looking online for a definitive listing of most-often banned or censored books yields a panoply of titles not necessarily candidates for a pantheon. At right I’ve stacked the heavyweights most often resisted for … Continue reading

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The Jews killed Harry Potter, if we’re to believe the latest Israeli travel PR

I’m mocking the mother of all anti-Semitisms, the original Christian dead horse, that Jews killed Jesus. So let’s be very clear, it was the Zionists who killed Harry Potter. And it wasn’t me how brought it up. Israeli tourism promoters … Continue reading

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Staging Homer for Generation Simpson

THE ODYSSEY, A STAGE VERSION- Greek myth would be no more complicated than JK Rowling, JRR Tolkien, or GRG Lucas, but I suspect that to impress Homer unto modern audiences might have the disagreeable consequence of educating them. This weekend … Continue reading

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Be mindful of little wizards

Methinks he doth protest too much. It seems that my two Harry Potter-loving bottom dwellers have little trouble making short work of this fire-breathing dragon.

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Harry Potter meets Laura Bush

I wanted to hate Harry Potter’s latest movie but for one happy surprise: the villainous Dolores Umbridge, played not as a malignant Mimi Bobeck, but instead a spot-on incarnation of First Librarian/Educator guess who?! The First Lady played herself, a … Continue reading

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