Fools of Fred

Let’s face it, ‘Rudy’ and ‘Hillary’ are not that popular. ‘Rudy’ is too New York, too much a moral slacker, and too much a buffoon for many Republicans. That’s where Fools of Fred come in. He exudes deep, dumb America of the Dixie past, or Reagan to Dubya to neo-Reagan once again.

We might get the Fools of Fred running the Empire soon? A Rifleman rerun of sorts… The System says if enuf of yuh can’t stomach Hillary and Rudy, then we will give you country ‘Fred’. And they call that democracy.

Are you a fool of Fred? Or will you become an Anybody But Fred type? The rest of the world will be laughing between their tears. This is the America that wants to lead the world, and a sad sight it is.

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