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Did Jesus rise to Heaven or simply rise to the top of Mount Olympus?

If Jesus were to come back to Earth and Ascend to Heaven once again, would he only have to go to the top of Pikes Peak these modern and strange days? If you see Ted Haggard this coming Easter Egg … Continue reading

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USA, al-Qaeda, Saudi Arabia, and Israel are making war on people of Yemen

What an unGodly mess! The insanity that is US foreign policy in the Middle East is destroying totally yet another region still! However, nobody in the US has been paying much attention to Barack Obama’s drone attacks inside Yemen nor … Continue reading

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Long Live Ukraine!

Ukraine, an impoverished people and a desired revolution that has been now completely co-opted by NATO, the Pentagon, the European Union, and the same old Ukrainian billionaire plutocrats that have always fed off their own people… Hear the Song of … Continue reading

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April 7th, Let Us All Set Colorado Springs on Fire!

— Local selections are coming up, and we shall see an obscenity take place once again as local Colorado Springs …ugh.. ‘pragmatists’ move into inaction in mass. YES! -We know their game plan here, as it will be ‘voting for … Continue reading

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Bogdan ‘The Cossack’ recommends some music, culture, and history…

My Dear Friend, Bogdan, asked me to link people here in the US with some Cossack music, culture, and history. Here it goes then:   ?? ? ???? ????? – Oi u poli verba – Ukrainian cossack song of 17th … Continue reading

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The sad fall of the Jewish religion into becoming a mainly political text for turning out neo fascist robots

‘It is hammered into us that the history of Jewry has been brought to an end and that Israel is its end point. Israel functions as an eraser of Jewish history, of memory, of languages, of traditions and of Jewish … Continue reading

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Does Putin have the flu? Is he on Mars with his new ‘love baby’? Or might there be a coup in progress in Russia?

The Western propaganda war machine needs its ‘hate doll’ to sell….. Oh my Satan! We have not heard from ‘Putler’ for more than a week! It hurts so very much, because Hillary and her emails is just so damn boring. … Continue reading

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Does your insurance insure nothing?

What is the good of having ‘insurance’ that you cannot afford to use? I personally would say that it is basically just good for nothing except ripping you off, and so think others, as well as I do. Insurance where … Continue reading

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75% of Denver cops’ cameras are left turned off

What are these criminals covering up? We might never know unless the Denver mayor changes the policies here. It’s costly in money to the city treasury and costly to human life not to have those cameras turned on. ‘Monitor: Denver … Continue reading

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Co-pilots Dubya and Barack drone over to Selma to drone on

You may or may not have noticed it, but the 50th anniversary of the attack in Selma Alabama, by the racist White police forces there, was remembered by those many politicians this weekend, who never would participate in the exact … Continue reading

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It’s not Mothers Day- It’s International Women’s Day!

This headline from Montreal caught our attention today… ‘Women Unite Against Austerity Measures’   Well…. Why Not? Nobody should advocate prosperity for the banks and austerity for those who actually do the work instead of merely owning capital (stored up … Continue reading

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US militarism is on the increase, and so is American societal racism- First Look

Americans tend to see racism in terms of being solely a Black and White, White versus Black sort of issue. And since we no longer have an overt and blatant, separate but not very equal Apartheid State, White Americans tend … Continue reading

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What unions are really all about?

Here it is in a nutshell… It’s All About Resistance- Without Unions the Bullies Will Win.

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Oye, un poco de pensamiento positivo en Karaoke

How about some positive thinking here!!!! Sing along with us now! Oye!

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Slam Bam, no thank you, Mam- the ‘flashbang’ bra holster bad idea

The gun fetishists are never at a loss, it seems, to come up with bad ideas when it comes to their sick love of guns. This one is guaranteed to cause more harm than good… FLASHBANG (BRA) HOLSTER: An Overview.

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Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead!

What else can we really say here? This woman loved the military and hated the poor and she and Ronnie in the US as ruling class elite are responsible for making the mess the entire world still faces today. Thatcher’s … Continue reading

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Barbaric USA- our society is in love with Pentagon child abuse and the use of military terrorism- Fly the Flag!

Afghan Children Reported Among Dead in U.S. Strike… Do any of your neighbors really even care? Sure, they like to pretend that they ‘support life’ and such, and that they are Christians… but do they really oppose the use of … Continue reading

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How many Black and Hispanic men have been robbed of their lives by US cops and prosecutors?

Manhattan DA keeps high-profile murder conviction intact after review …Too many.

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Spread the morning after pill around the planet! Get out of the way, Obama!

A court ruling has overturned the US Obama Adminstrations’s, the Pope’s, and all the other Right Wing Christian groups’ legal restrictions blocking the increased use of the morning after pill inside the US. It will now be sold over the … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton’s Haitian ‘aid’ campaigning was all a big fraud

How many times did Bill Clinton pose himself as wanting to save the US made impoverished Haiti? I lost count. Well now a study shows it was all a big fraud, with most of the so called US aid to … Continue reading

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Obama is not politically correct and regrets it!

___ Today in Wonderland USA, President Obama apologized to a woman for earlier calling her ‘hot’. However, she was then warned that if she continued to get upset about his male chauvinist sexism that he would have to send a … Continue reading

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Democrats prepared to beat up on the elderly with their buddies, the Republicans

~~~ We could see this a long time coming… Obama ‘offering to cut US pensions’ for deficit deal …Time to kick both parties to the side and stop that ‘Kiss me I’m a liberal (Democrat) bullshit. In fact, it’s way … Continue reading

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Obama continues to occupy Korea with Pentagon troops as one part of multiple US proxy wars against Russia and China

WW1 and WW2 began because various (mainly European) capitalist powers began to battle each other over ownership and control over their multiple world wide colonies. Today, the US corporate world has their US government battling the newest capitalist powers, Russia … Continue reading

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~~~~~~~~~~~ Magic Johnson and family. See Magic Johnson Opens up About Gay Son: ‘I’m Behind Him One Million Percent’

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Today’s class society (capitalism) alienates us all and creates a generalized unhappiness

~~~~~~ My favorite question for America’s hordes of Right Wingers is simply to ask them just what exactly are they defending so hard? They never ever come up with anything much coherent when asked this question and I have become … Continue reading

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