3 thoughts on “Get outta my way!

  1. Hi Marie,
    Loved your blogs. You would not be a boring companion on the plane to Bejing. About caravans of tanks, I wrote a short story about another one, the Convoy headed by the BushBus and all the network vans. Pardon my English, learned much later in life: http://baja3d.com/wolfie.htm
    Some of it is outdated but the writing was fun.
    Have a pleasant weekend

  2. Very entertaining and insightful writing. Always interesting to hear the perspective of a non-American. Book a flight to China….wear your Ho Chi Minh shirt. I’ll meet you there.

  3. Sadly my resident girlfriend who hates to walk has her eyes on a greek island cruise for the same period. I will work on her for the next months as I think the China opportunity is just too great for an architect to miss, or for that matter, any resident of this planet. Meanwhile you are invited to Northern Baja with your musician friend (I occasionally play the accordion in a San Diego Rock band (at the El Callejon) and also in a great French restaurant (in Rosarito, MX). You can see some of that here: http://www.youtube.com/user/jimpoir

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