more stories, all showing the bubble

the one that’s fixing to bust, you know…

There’s a Chinese sideways curse, “May you always live in Interesting Times”…

• Deadly week in Iraq shows al-Qaida’s strength, mobility
• White House backs Gonzales as more Justice officials testify
• U.S. shifts trade policy, sets new duties on Chinese goods

Ok that last was sloppy cut ‘n paste, I wasn’t trying to get the China story in but it works anyway…

The ones above the Deadly Week line were about the Australian citizen who was tortured into confession in Gitmo and the British Marine who has confessed in the Iran / Blair standoff.

And the Administration (and George’s poodle) are saying, in a SURPRISE development and of course totally out of character for them, that the guy was coerced into making the statement and was being used for –get this– PROPAGANDA purposes…

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