If Iraq was about oil, was 911 about oil?

(Editor’s note: illustration below is meant to include blank space for sky, where the WTC would have towered, to suggest its far higher value compared to the oil barrels for which the twin towers were traded.)
Is this the memorial for 2,819 dead Americans?

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2 Responses to If Iraq was about oil, was 911 about oil?

  1. Avatar kyle says:

    george bush sucks!

  2. Avatar jonah says:

    There was one of those shows on History Channel tonight, about the Prophets Daniel and Jeremiah predicting the Iraq invasion-occupation.

    Again with the Bushit about God Leading him in this Holy War.

    But you know, God is an all powerful and all knowing type of Deity. It’s His job.

    Since none of the other reasons the Bu’ush Regime put forth as justification of their crimes pass the Smell Test, like a ragged, underfed poorly trained poorly motivated “army” composed mostly of Teenage Conscripts, as described by Bush, how exactly would they be able to integrate that with the series of lies told about the WMDs, specifically the Million pounds of nerve gas…

    Nerve gas which requires a LOT of expert attention, lest it go off on it’s own and kill a whole lot of people, just accidentally.

    The US stockpile of Nerve Gas, so large it dwarfs the supply of all the Other Nations Of the World Combined, has to be carefully warehoused, climate controlled, coddled by Experts, checked regularly, guarded heavily,… and still there are accidents arising from the very nature of that Ugly Beast.

    But according to the Bu’ush Regime, that same type of Nerve Gas was being shuffled around Baghdad, somehow, a half hour ahead of the U.N. Inspectors, by these skinny draftee untrained kids.

    A million pounds of it. Without… One… Single… Accident…

    That was so absurd a proposition that it was not considered even possible by anybody who took the time to consider the ramifications. We were belittled as being “ignorant” and “tin-foil-hat paranoids”.

    Strangely, the ones who believed with all their hearts in that Massive Fairy Tale concocted by Mr Bush and his henchmen, still call us paranoid and deluded and ignorant, 6 years after it was proven to be the nonsense that it actually was.

    And, there are a lot of people HERE, in Colorado Springs, claiming to be Ministers of The Gospel, still telling the people of the world that these Weapons of Mass Destruction are going to be found any day now.

    Those who pulled enough of their head out of their collective ass to admit that the WMD argument was a LIE, shrug and say that it doesn’t matter, the Ends justified the Means, … and that we’re paranoid ignorant Kooks for believing otherwise.

    See, that’s what you call Blasphemy.

    Bush AND his most rabid supporters CLAIM to be Christian and that God is leading them in the war.

    Why would God need to Lie?

    Because, you see, that’s what the Pat Robertsons and Jerry Falwells and Dobsons of and so forth and so on claim God did, but it doesn’t make any difference that He would break one of His Commandments…

    I urge my brethren in the churches to do one thing…


    Stop telling that Stupid Lunatic Fringe Fantasy over and over again and CLAIMING that God Himself told you those things.

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