After ten years, Bush has insight into lesson of 9/11: Evil is real. Evil and courage. Two. Two lessons of 9/11…

Did you hear what George Bush said at the dedication of the memorial to the passengers of Flight 93? Apparently he said “One of the lessons of 9/11 is that evil is real, and so is courage.” Two lessons, I mean. I’m not sure I could have handled seeing a group of people not throwing their shoes at Bush as he pretended to expound on a lesson, let alone about what’s real. George, the truth is, your audience obviously doesn’t understand the half of this lesson, how truly evil the perpetrators possibly were, they still can’t conceive it. As to courage, I don’t mean to diminish the heroism of the first responders, who show tremendous bravery every day, but for the slain of September 11th, their courage was not something new. The police and firemen who rushed into the stairwells of the WTC had no inkling it was going to come down. A building like that never had before. Planes have flown into the tallest skyscrapers, flames have engulfed entire buildings, but steel structures have never fallen. So the rescuers were their usual courageous, but the only lesson of that day, was that the world around them, and its physics, would turn out to be not what it seemed. Bush was almost certainly reflecting how 9/11 schooled him on courage, a trait whose reality would have been news to him.

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1 Response to After ten years, Bush has insight into lesson of 9/11: Evil is real. Evil and courage. Two. Two lessons of 9/11…

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    If he wanted to look for evil. “in”sight would probably be his best bet.
    I saw Cheney’s book on the best seller rack at King Soopers the other day.
    That showed ME two vital lessons.
    1. Most Americans aren’t reading real books anymore so any P.O.S. MightMakesRight Wing lunatic core ramblings would score big just because of no competition plus FOX tells their audience to buy the books. A few million FOX Zombies invading the stores saying “Bill-do says must buy book… must buy book… must buy booooook… what is book anyway? Zombie no need book. Book make head hurt. Billdo say READ book not hit Zombie-self on head with book. Zombie try read and make Zombie head hurt badder.”
    2. Even with that unnatural advantage not a one of them stays on the top ten list more than a couple of weeks.

    Then they’re on the clearance rack for a dollar apiece.

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