If obesity is a disease

Disabled parking permit
If being fat can get you a disabled parking permit, because you have become handicapped because of your weight, or because your health has been so effected, or because medical complications have arisen as a result, would it not be fair to say that what caused your illness is a toxin?
When is fast food going to be considered a threat to the public health? Aren’t its purveyors and advertizers guilty of attempted murder by poisoning?

1 thought on “If obesity is a disease

  1. Supermarket food is no better than the stuff found at fast food joints. See the Accidental Hedonist list of name brand products with high fructose corn syrup in them. And the generics labels are the same, too. All loaded with an ingredient that KILLs.


    It’s obvious that the US Department of Public Health and Human Services and the US Center for Disease Control are not doing their jobs, as neither is the Department of Homeland Security. The main terrorist threat to human health comes from our own economic system and not from Osama bin Laden.

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