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Why Rivera refused to take 42 million in “bailout” money.

Because it’s “earmarked” specifically to create jobs from the bottom up, instead of, as his USUAL corporate welfare installments made directly to the “leaders” of the Military Industrial Complex are, to the Richest Citizens and with the wink wink nudge nudge say no more Gentleman’s Agreement that some of the People’s Money should “trickle down” like Ronald Reagan pissing on Americans, to the people who actually BUILD the wealth for the Rich.
Rich Bastards like Rivera and Herpin don’t believe that the working class actually feed and support their Parasite Class. And say so. Loudly and often. The 42 million would have been earmarked for Infrastructure rather than bribery and graft.
unlike the $260 million allocated to the Road To Nowhere, 24West project, which starts and ends at two bus stops.

They’d rather the money go to subsidize their Oil and Gas and Coal Waste-all-resources Industries, subsidize the Constitutional “Right” guaranteed right there in the Bill of Rights to drive one person in a car made for eight and spend the resources of Other People to support it.

Here’s another clue for you all, the money that’s being spent in hundred-billion dollar increments to support a series of Wars of Conquest, more than is being spent on All Other government services, and if you include the spending for the Police State Apparatus that’s being cloned in Iraq and Afghanistan, on the public dime, and placed in effect first HERE, that total comes to TWICE what’s paid for all the rest of Government Spending combined.

E-Coli testing to rise, say regulators

Or, to be more precise, they’re “considering” broadening the testing. Yeah, wonderful dichotomy in the previous sentence, being more precise by stating the vague phrases.

“Regulators” is kind of a nonsense job description too. Since their powers have steadily declined from the last two years of the Carter administration. The stink raised about Single Payer Health Coverage, which didn’t even pass, is no doubt going to cloud this issue as well. Already we have some Female in Denver screaming that Obamacare, not even implemented yet, is causing the trillion dollar deficit. As many have pointed out, the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress haven’t actually DONE anything yet.

Meanwhile, E-Coli, once only seen in poorly slaughtered and butchered animal remains, then not burnt up enough while cooking, is now turning up in Peanut products, lettuce, tomatoes, chili peppers, vegetable kingdom organisms that aren’t natively susceptible to E-Coli or Salmonella (also increasing the same way).

Saving money on health care by actually PREVENTING massive outbreaks of food-related diseases is going to be called “Bolshevik attempts to take over America”, look for it at a Tea Party or many more soon.

Killing people with the $1 menu

double cheeseburgerThe US ‘recession diet’ highlights the dollar menu of McDonalds, but the whole problem of how the capitalist economy kills the poor with a crappy food supply is international in scope and encompasses much more than one food outlet and one consumer habit. Much of our over-consumption and poor dietary habits is actually related to bargain hunting and as a result, huge quantities of food are actually thrown away spoiled from American refrigerators.

What to do with the 10 lbs of potatoes bought for $1.99 because the price per lb, was actually 69 cents at the local Wall Soupers? You ate 5 lbs of them instead of three, threw out 5 lbs that went bad, and came out with a savings in what you paid out! But did world society as a whole? It is quite doubtful, but this is the game we all have to play on the capitalist market daily. It’s a mess!

The same thing happens when health regulations are tied to the needs of greater sales by companies rather than to the actual public health. Millions of tons of food are discarded because institutions are mandated by regulations geared to helping the even bigger guys out. Public schools alone discard humongous amounts of just milk from these sort of government enforced con games they play with the public to assist the profiteering by the US dairy industry.

And back to McDonalds, most cities are totally hampered by ‘health laws’ that keep McDonalds from having street stand competition to their $1 menu. The public health suffers as an actual result, and is not being protected by these laws despite the constant propaganda that that is what these ‘health regulations’ are all about. In the US, it is a giant conspiracy by the big companies to kill people off with the $1 menu. Monopolies in the food industry destroy all public health.

US, too, joins China in having companies killing people with tainted foods

peanut butterCapitalists just don’t care. They care about making profits. The US has now joined with China in food scandals where company officials knowingly and deliberately sold off contaminated and deadly food substances to the general public. Salmonella found at Ga. plant as early as 2006 Owner Stewart Parnell of Peanut Corporation of America refused to testify at Congressional hearing; 9 have now died

And we here at NotMyTribe personally know one of those people effected by this horrible Salmonella epidemic, and it has made a mess of our friend’s life! We have no functioning Public Health System that can be depended on in our country and plenty of people are negatively impacted by this sad reality. Why do people have to live this way in our modern age?

Obama restores Federal funding to family planning clinics

Obama reverses Bush abortion-funds policy Now let’s see what he has in hand to help deal with the current catastrophic mess called the US Medical System? As the layoffs build up, there is not much time left to ‘reform’ the misdelivery of public health care.

Nestle redoubles effort to kill infants

NestleThe non-food additive Melamine has resurfaced in the Chinese food supply. As if the pet-food adulteration hadn’t been found toxic enough, the inedible petroleum-based ingredient is disabling and killing human infants when used as a protein-measurement booster in their milk. Nothing for Westerners to be concerned about because the dairy brands are safely unknown in our markets, they are Mengniu, Yili and Nestle.

For our children’s sake, ban food dyes

Food dyes are a completely unnecessary product from a consumerist point of view. They add no value other than to hide away the bad visual effects of artificial food and badly handled food, so as such, they have value only for large manufacturing concerns trying to sell us trash foods.

They are the true sign of factory produced food that looks like Fruit Loops, tastes as bad as Fruit Loops, and is as nutritionally harmful as this pseudo cereal is for your kids. Plus, food dyes are linked to hyperactivity. So why not just ban them altogether?

Banning food dyes is just good public health policy. Of course, in the US there is no real public health policy at this time, since the capitalist ‘free market’ mentality is running rampant and destroying public health. It’s time to change that. Ban food dyes in our US diet.