Mas cumbia colombiana

Why more cumbia colombiana? Simply because I like the style of music and dance and it has given me a lot of pleasure through the years. La mujer que me gusta, Para Mi, Loquito por ti, and several medleys of songs by Orquestrsa Numero Uno de Colombia Part 1 Part 2, and legendary Aniceto Molina’s El Condor Legendario and en concierto. Sonora Dinamita- Cosquillitas en Monterrey. Ay Laylita!

4 thoughts on “Mas cumbia colombiana

  1. AvatarMarie Walden

    That would be a great thing! After my recent trip to Peru….and my desire to possibly move someday to South America…Spanish is going to be very importante (si?) to me!

  2. AvatarTony Logan Post author

    So how was that trip to Peru, Marie? Two years ago my first wife’s son also visited Peru where he went to Machu Picchu. It made a big impression on him.

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