Michelle Malkin idiot propagandant

Let Rose and her enablers know... where her indefensible theories... belong.
Neocon winged monkey Michelle Malkin has made a video encouraging her sortasyllabic fans to boycott advertisers of Rosie O’Donnell’s TV show The View.
From the video you get an idea just how idiotic Malkin expects her audience to be. She wants them to boycott products they’ve already purchased.

In the video, Rosie is accused of helping to disseminate poisonous 9/11 conspiracy theories. There are excerpts of Rosie asking about the unnatural collapse of WTC Building 7, “all’s I’m asking…” followed by pictures of 9/11 Truth Movement protesters (because they ridicule themselves). These shots are intermixed with footage of Ms. Malkin walking through a Walmart pretending to examine and reject consumer products that turn out to be sponsors of Rosie’s show. Later Malkin is shown at home, purging the same items from her cupboards.

I understand how deciding not to buy a company’s products could speak to their bottom line, but disposing of the goods one has already purchased? Who does that hurt except yourself?

Perhaps Ms Malkin’s own sponsors, damned reprobates, are excited by the prospect of her viewers purchasing their household goods instead of Rosie’s. But that’s not even good enough. If they can count on Malkin’s fans to be as stupid as they seem, Malkin’s backers won’t have to wait for new shopping habits to form. Their dittoheads will have to hit the aisles tomorrow to replace the products they just threw away.

At the end of Malkin’s video, after she hoisted 9/11-Truth-leaning products into the trash, Little-M spits on them. Imbecilic, but frightening considering she’s trying to set an example. It’s the kind of unthinking anger the right-wing spokesmites seek from their followers.

Ms. Malkin, when the 9/11/Neocon grime settles, you will go the way of Tokyo Rose –I’ll have to check, was she hanged for being a propagandist and traitor? You most surely will.

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3 Responses to Michelle Malkin idiot propagandant

  1. Avatar Jonah says:

    Tokyo Rose was one of the people pardoned by Gerald Ford.

    Ms Michelle is a stone hate-filled freak.

    Some of the questions I would have liked to ask,

    Why did Mayor Giuliani stop the search at Ground Zero almost immediately after the cash and precious metals were found?

    They’re still finding body parts.

    Given that Mr Bush has told us time and again that he has a right to lie to us or conceal truth from us, along with his henchmen, and henchwomen like Ms Michelle, How do we know exactly who hijacked those planes? Since everybody on board the planes died….

    If Mr Bush and Ms Malkin don’t want people to speculate on issues like that then they should come up with real answers, and not come off with stupid shit like “We can lie to you anytime we want, to protect you”.

    When they told us that they could and even would LIE to us it opened the door to all kinds of speculation, and they should at least have been smart enough to realize that.

  2. Avatar Jonah says:

    I would have to use some of my imaging software, but it looks like some of the stuff she’s throwing in the can are HAZARDOUS WASTE.

    Why is she throwing poison into our water supply? Is she an as Qa’eda operative?

    Why do NeoCons hate America?

  3. Shameless bump for relevance. But not Reverence. Something Ms Malkin, Ms Coulter and Ms Diagnosis “Dr” Laura have no clue about.

    Either relevance or reverence. Worshipers of the Almighty…dollar.

    War-sluts who promote Killing for the profits of their Corporate Masters and play the role of Professional Victim when anybody calls them out on it.

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