Tune out the 9/11 fear-myth-making

General Strike 9-11-2007I think it’s a rather worthwhile effort to promote this GENERAL STRIKE. The idea is being spread around online, hoping to catch on.
Will it catch on? Only if enough of us respond. But whether or not this strike comes off, we get to see HOW it would have to happen, WHAT the pitch would look like, and THAT Americans may not be ready to make it happen. We may feel emancipated online, but until we take it inworld, our breast-beating amounts to little.

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  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I don’t fear ‘9/11 myth making’. It’s just that I don’t think it helpful in the least, nor is it helpful to call a minor protest a ‘general strike’ when it is not even remotely similar to being such.

    People want honest talk, not hyper-radical hyperbole.

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