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Why Are Americans in such a rush to treat People like Dogs?

Americans are always in a rush to go bomb countries, arrest people, torture people and treat its illegal immigrants like criminals and trash. Why are Americans so busy trying to jail innocent people rather than go against the real criminals? Is it because they are plain ignorant or because they don’t believe they can fight against such an oppressive gang of thugs. Maybe this type of quote is what Americans take to be sound advice: “If you can’t beat them. Join them” ? Jim Henson, Jim Henson’s Storyteller

In any case, even though Americans always pretend to be great defenders of freedom and have used that excuse for basically all wars, it is time for them to wake up and realize that Americans, even those that believe they are liberal, are in fact blood thirsty, racist, and un-compassionate assholes.

But maybe I should back up to what I mean. I am in a government class and it is amazing the kind of stupidity that is bluntly thrown around. A couple weeks ago a student proposed that we give more money to Border Patrol and the F.B.I. so that we “can go hunt those criminals down”. His excuse for separating families and jailing and throwing people out of the country was that illegal immigrants supposedly don’t pay federal taxes and that they rob 7.5 billion dollars from the government in taxes. He proposed that not only do we fine them but also throw them back to their country . He only wanted to have a stronger border patrol on the Mexican border and that we racially profile them so that they can be caught and then thrown out.

I was completely surprised when everyone showed support for such an idiot and his even more idiotic ideas. I wonder if they have no imagination to realize that racially profiling creates a hostile environment and one thing that is for sure is that we don’t need any more “heroes” screwing people up.

His accusation that immigrants steal 7.5 billion dollars from the government is so absurd that I had to contradict it. I did some research and although there are many ways in which the government steals from illegal immigrants, one that completely counters his idea is that in fact the government robs 9 billion dollars from illegal immigrants in Social Security alone! Now, most illegal immigrants are not paid under the table but actually work in jobs and are paid like regular workers. The corporation may know that they are illegal or that they have forged papers, but they let them work anyway because no one will work for such low wages and benefits and such dangerous conditions as someone who can not get a better job, like the illegal immigrant. Obviously, when you work you have to pay taxes. The illegal immigrant has social security taken out along with other taxes. However, when the illegal immigrant goes to collect their social security , the government won’t give it to him because he is illegal and instead he is deported! Even after explaining this idea for an hour , I had no student that had any imagination to realize that someone who has to sneak here in the night doesn’t steal from the government. Apparently Americans are so unimaginative that no one understood this! The un- compassion and no solidarity mindset of Americans was summed up in one students reply ” Why can’t you just support his bill, I am Mexican and so i’m not a racist but we need to throw these criminals out of our country” -all along i’m thinking that this group is so racist and even the “supposed Liberals” who always go around pretending that they are “with the people” supported the idea of racially profiling people, separating them from their families, jailing them and then throwing them out like criminals.

This experience may be the same type as seen in Occupy. Where a person actually believed that he was a communist and at the same time advocated for the removal of people from the country because “they steal jobs”. That is also an absurd idea seeing as not many people can or will do the back breaking, dangerous, and dirty jobs that illegal immigrants are forced to work in. If anything, illegal immigrants are helping capitalists get more capital gain. Instead of dumbshit Americans telling illegal immigrants to “get out of my country”, why don’t they try to get better conditions for illegal immigrants and workers? Why don’t they try to get having a job a right, and anyone that wants a job can have one? Many workers will say that illegal immigrants take jobs, well, the corporation is the one that is taking money from both the illegal immigrant and the Union worker or the regular worker; and if Corporations didn’t use illegal immigrants to get cheap labor, they would get some other poor minority. Americans , have some solidarity for those that are OPPRESSED and in the same place as YOU ARE and that place is being ripped off for your labor by big corporations and government. SHOW SOME SOLIDARITY!!!!!!!!!! Go against the real criminals!!!!!

But unfortunately, Americans are such a brain dead, ignorant, and un-compassionate group of assholes that no one agreed with my idea of actually giving equal rights to all and having a democratic country in which the poor are not oppressed and made to be criminals -That is a a country that is not run by capitalists that actually are so manipulative enough to get people who themselves are oppressed by them, to actually defend them against “those nasty illegal immigrant criminals”. And also a real communist doesn’t want to kick people out of their country and keep a nationalist mindset, that is one of the basic ideas, is that communists don’t want borders and  the nationalist mindset that kicks people out of their country! GET A BRAIN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!

Gordon Brown says Iraq war “right”

quote: “But the main issue for him was that Iraq was in breach of UN resolutions”
AGAIN with the bullshit LIES about WMDs, how long can these ChickenHawk bastards play THAT card?
“and that “rogue states” could not be allowed to flout international law.”
Unless they’re Rogue States like the Bush Administration and its Puppets like Britain, Chile, Argentina, Honduras, Spain, Israel,….
“If the international community could not act together over Iraq, Mr Brown said, he feared the “new world order we were trying to create would be put at risk”
OH NO! The PNAC and their Satanic “New World Order” wouldn’t be rammed down the throatis of the Rest of The WORLD if America and Britain didn’t put “rogues” in their place.
The Corporate Big Pigs wouldn’t be allowed to run the world any way they God-Damned Please!
What could possibly be worse?

The Whites win this one against the great Orange Juice Simpson

RiccioThe media is so muted this time around. Racism in America is so volatile that a concrete channel for it must always be built by the ruling class and the damns only opened up to the common (religious) folk under the most controlled circumstances. Arab racism is now allowed to flow at a heavy rate along with anti-Latino/ anti-immigrant worker racism, but anti-Black racism can only be opened to a trickle at this time. So how to handle the OJ Simpson verdict to keep the levees intact?

The Verdict ‘In’ is for ‘The Revenge of Injured Whites’ where 2 wrongs can certainly seemingly be used to make a seeming Right. What the Criminal Injustice System had working for it this time is that Orange Juice Simpleton continued to carry on in a vain, self centered manner, all to snatch justice away from injustice (or is it the other way around?), never mind all that money spent by the Football Guy the first time around. The criminal got beat by the con it seems! The Black criminal and the White Con, with the Smiling Police Officers, the prim and serious Judge Nancy Nice presiding.

Oh Well, Oj. The prison system really is not that much worse than the typical American nursing home, and you’ll get used to it in the short run. I know that at 62 you wanted to wait a few more years before going to the Shady Manor , but many of the people you’ll meet will even seem already quite familiar to you. You’ll be a star to them! So have fun! It’s all such poetic injustice! We’ll miss you…