A snapshot of Earth evolved

evolve goldThe universe has so many interesting niches, and one of the most recent niches to be discovered by man is underground in Illinois, of all places. Ancient trees recorded in mines Two other famous petrified forests can be found in Arizona and the Greek island of Lesbo but they are not located underground and the trees are not as old.

The Dakotas have a lot of petrified forest areas, too, including the Petrified Wood Park of Lemmon, South Dakota. No need to lose your mind going to Kentucky to visit The Creationist Museum there to discover God’s supposed work. Unless, of course, you are a fan of Christian Fiction?

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  1. Evolutionists are starting to recognize that both petrified forests and coal beds have everything to do with flooding — something they could no longer deny after it happened right before their very eyes in Spirit Lake at the foot of Mt. St. Helens.

    If not for the 1980 volcanic eruption, scientists would’ve been at a loss to explain mature forests stacked on top of each other in a coal mine.

    Creationism is fiction right up to the point where it isn’t.

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