Bachelor Nutrition part 2. fasting

Raw unfiltered honey, hot cayenne pepper, and lots of fresh lemons
Feel like making nothing, and eating less? Here’s a digestive-centering tincture that you can put together in the morning to sip all day and feel satiated and fortified. Do this for three days to clean out your system. (Bachelors come by their adaptation skills by their brushes with women. This concoction is no exception. Purging, dieting, cleansing, what man would have thought to need that? But not having to eat for a few days? That’s handy.)

The main ingredients are equal parts lemon juice and honey, dissolved in water, with a pinch of cayenne pepper. Drink as much as you like, but make the pitcher fresh every time. To do this right, use fresh lemons instead of lemon juice, distilled water, and raw unfiltered honey.

Squeeze two fresh lemons into a liter of water. Mix thoroughly before adding the honey. If you’re using raw unprocessed honey, you don’t want to cook it straight off in undiluted lemon. Then add a pinch of hot cayenne pepper. In the supplement aisle, cayenne pepper comes in capsules. This is handy as the portion you need is pre-measured (two caps). Otherwise cayenne pepper in the spice section is 35x cheaper.

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