Bill Kristol best thing for New York Times

Bill Kristol Neocon ZionistBill Kristol is the best thing to happen to liberal New York Times readers. Astute as they may be, if they can’t tell the Grey Lady is a pro-war conservative in drag, this flacid Machiavellian prick being given a NYT soapbox ought to give them pause.

2 thoughts on “Bill Kristol best thing for New York Times

  1. Relatively conservative people often seem to think that subscribing and reading the New York Times somehow is a liberal thing to do. It’s a fashion statement of some kind by ‘people with taste’ that live in the boondocks and resent that a bit.

    It is the paper of choice for the metro-centrist, who believes that listening to NPR and watching PBS also qualifies them as being more educated, liberal, etc. It’s all a delusion on their parts. In its own way, the New York Times is not really that much different than an expanded Gazette or Denver Post or Dallas Morning News.

  2. good catch of that video still. Kristol makes a living putting a happy face on his murderous entitlement, but he has no more respect or regard for the children of the world, than a death camp guard. As for the Grey Lady… she has been a war whore for decades. The NY Times _turned down_ the whistleblower who would go down in history as “Deep Throat” because the Times suppored Nixon and his wars.

    Want further proof?? For next 3 decades, the Times signature, most widely syndicated columnist (so-called “liberal” free-market apologist Tom Friedman notwithstanding) was none other than William Safire… as in, former Nixon White House speechwriter and relentless abuse-of-powers defender and apologist.

    The fact that Safire’s right-wing tripe was the guiding hand of the paper was easy to see: Whatever Safire wrote on the back (editorial) pages, would soon become the (not-so-subtle) editorial agenda of the front pages.

    Especially regarding Safire’s jihad against the Clintons, but also regarding: the smear, sneer, and mock editorial agenda against Al Gore all through the long summer of 2000, #2. a simultaneous “Free pass” for Texas Gov. Bush & Dick Cheney’s sordid, scandal-wracked records; #3. prepping the path for the Times to whitewash stolen-election 2000; #4. helping Pres. Bush stall the 9-11 commission, and an eventual whitewash of the 9-11 findings; lies-to-war against Iraq; a cover-up of Cheney’s role in “outing” the CIA after whistleblower Ambassador Wilson exposed the “Africa yellowcake uranium for Iraq” story as a fraud; #5. whitewashing the “Torture” chain of command, that directly led to Cheney’s bunker (the White House actually had a secret dungeon basement “National Security” room where Bush & Cheney watched live torture sessions via video from US prisons in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Bagram, and elsewhere!); #6. whitewashing stolen election 2004; #7. purging the Dept of Justice of non-partisan prosecutors, and sending those partisan Repub. Attorneys General out to file partisan, fraudulent, perjurous, and defamatory prosecutions against 85% Democratic activists. The most prominent victim of this Karl Rove “justice” system lynch-mob is Jewish former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, prosecuted by Leura Canary, the wife of Siegelman’s Republican gubernatorial candidate, the trial held in the court of a judge Governor Siegelman had once scolded for conflict-of-interest (bordering on bribery)! The NY Times and AIPAC lobby will happily let a Jewish victim twist in the wind, as long as they get their precious wars.

    And, of course, generally the Times can be counted on to whitewash great financial crimes, push for more Deregulation of financial markets, more tax-cuts for rich, more consolidations that are near monopolies, despite their so-called “liberal” facade, they are relentless “loot the peons, export war, dictator powers, no oversight” whitewashers – just like Richard Nixon at his worst, on steroids!

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