Stephen Johnson auto industry minion

EPA Chief Stephen Johnson denies climate change will adversely effect CaliforniaThere it is, the Neocon ensemble: black suit, red tie and US flag lapel pin, the mark of graft, greed, and audacious insincerity.
EPA Chief Stephen Johnson defended his decision today to deny California a waiver to set its own automobile emissions standards. (The progressive CAFE standards and the pending LCFS regulations.) His rationale? Climate change threatens no significant adverse effect on the state.

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  1. The deadline for other states to support California in their lawsuit against the EPA decision in Feb. 1,2008!
    We should write CO State Atty. Gen. John Suthers and Gov. Ritter to sign on with the other 15 states in California’s lawsuit against the EPA chairrman’s decision against the California waiver. States should have the right to regulate their greenhouse gas emmisions and other pollutants for the health and wellbeing of their residents and visitora.

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