Bush Iraq press conference hits the fan

Bush ducks as journalist al-Zaydi throws his shoes
“THIS IS A FAREWELL KISS, YOU DOG!” –yelled al-Baghdadia news journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi, as he hurled his first shoe. Finally someone brave enough to have at our obscene Reprobate-in-Chief! What does this say about reporters, officials and celebrities who have access to President Bush but take their shoes off only to show fealty? Homeland Security has all of us removing our shoes, but it took an Iraqi to know what to do with them. If the world needed a sign of hope, that someone would at last stand up to America’s miserable criminality, new-detainee al-Zaidi is the one.

Bush makes a last visit to a nation he destroyed, and gets: “THIS IS A FAREWELL KISS, YOU DOG!” Our news outlets initially censored the “you dog” bit. Al-Zaidi’s threw his second shoe yelling “THIS IS FROM THE WIDOWS, THE ORPHANS AND THOSE WHO WERE KILLED IN IRAQ.” Prompting a local Iraqi to write:

“Yes, you dirty motherfuckers, NO VICTORY for you in IRAQ. No victory as long as people like Muntather exist…

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6 Responses to Bush Iraq press conference hits the fan

  1. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    I’m rather impressed by Bush’s quick duck. It’s a wonder he didn’t play ball a bit better.

  2. Avatar Sonja says:

    Marie, he is probably used to people throwing things at him, probably started as a kid. It’s because he always has that stupid smirk on his face. He that smirk on his face in an interview right after the shoes were thrown at him, he thought it was fun, what an idiot! I will not be sad to see him leave office.

  3. Avatar Sonja says:

    TYPO: He HAD that smirk on his face in an interview right after the shoes were thrown at him, he thought it was fun, what an idiot! I will not be sad to see him leave office. Darn fingers, or brain, or both.

  4. Avatar jonah says:

    al-Malaki is denouncing the act, saying it shames Iraq and shames Iraqi journalism.

    al-Malaki, on the other “foot”, is paid to be Bush’s MeatPuppet.

    The Bu’ush Regime Spin-meisters are trying really hard to play it down.

    But in a culture where even showing the soles of your feet is a grievous insult, where throwing your shoe at somebody is a Biblical reproach which says “Your lack of character, sir, is despicable beyond mere words” (Boaz, in the OT book of Ruth, did the same thing to a relative of closer blood to Naomi’s late husband and her late sons, as a reproach for allowing Naomi and Ruth, both kinswomen and widows, to be reduced to poverty, gleaning in the fields, one step above begging. He “took off his sandal against him”)

    Showing your soles to somebody means first you have to turn your back on him.

    Mr Bush has a few Accomplices in the Arab nations, like the Emir of Kuwait, and the Saudi Royals.

    Just at a first read. To be treated as one step below leprous, flea-infested pariah dog status by a Peasant Journalist must be ringing throughout the entire Peninsula and over onto the Subcontinent, and in North Africa as well.

  5. Avatar jonah says:

    Oh, and a lot of Arabs and even more so Persians regard Dogs as the ultimate agents of Shaitan.

    Kind of like the status black cats enjoyed in Medieval Europe only lower.

    One of the things the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini held against the Shah was the Shah had pet dogs.

    Like Lassie’s tombstone says “Dog Gone”.

  6. Avatar jonah says:

    A blogger called “the rude pundit” suggests sending Mr Bush shoes…

    Parcel post, of course.

    I think C.O. D. went the way of the dinosaurs.

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