Catholic clergy show their Roman roots

Catholic priests give the Nazi salute.
Before we cast stones at the Roman Catholic Nazis, have any major religions or denominations ever stepped out to oppose a war, any war?

5 thoughts on “Catholic clergy show their Roman roots

  1. Just goes to show you we all are human and thus
    errors do make. Hopefully we will see and grow
    to do the right thing. Nazis, Comminusim, Kings etc
    are all alike. Human kind will outgrow this one day,
    huh? What else hides in the human heart? Evil or
    good or……… Only YOU can fill in the blank. Till then
    we can only do our best, hope on as Kathy Verlo
    your favoright neocon & retired combat vet.

  2. Doesn’t the pope disagree with the war in iraq. so why couldn’t they disagree back then? its because they believed in the nazis thats why. look in any history book and you will find that they were all for the nazis back then. Thank god things have changed.

  3. actually this photo was taken before hitler was known as a bad person. this was taken a little bit after hitler took a german part of yugoslavia back which made him a hero to all people. As one historian said “if Hitler died immediately after he took the german part of yugoslavia back then he would’ve been seen as a world-wide hero.” At this time a German bishop giving the sieg heil would be the equivalent to an American Bishop putting his hand over his heart.

  4. Why did Germany supposedly have a right to be involved in the Balkans. Your history making-up is rather bizarro, Sean.

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