White on Black- Mia Farrow Saves Darfur

Mia Farrow and her ‘Save Darfur’ campaign is coming to town in Colorado Springs! Here is Mia Farrow- Black on White in person blowing bubbles of concern to the children there in Darfur. It feels so good!

Those Mean Baddies in Kampuchea kicked her out of their country though. Apparently they didn’t really like her feel good American attitude about foreign affairs? Go figure? Ungrateful Cambodians… Don’t they know what the US has done for them?

But Mia knows that it is those mean ol’ Arab horsemen that are to blame for the problems of the world! She is not acting this time. Think goodness we can have the US State Department and Miami’s Holocaust Museum alongside Mia saving little children out there. It feels so good! Bad Chinese and Bad Arabs be damned! It’s super hero America to the rescue once again!

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