Convention free speech still in question

COLORADO SPRINGS- A motions hearing is scheduled Monday, Aug 18 at 9:30am, for defendants Eric Verlo and Peter Sprunger-Froese at the Colorado Springs Municipal Court. The two are charged with trespass at the Colorado Democratic State Convention. They were arrested for trying to exercise free speech rights, outside of what Police describe were the bounds of a “Free Speech Zone.” Motions on Monday will address discovery of exculpable surveillance evidence which the city and other law enforcement agencies have been denying to the defendants.

The legal proceedings thus far:
MAY 17 -Arrest for Obstruction, amended to Trespass
JUNE 10 -First appearance, received continuance
JULY 1 -Arraignment
JULY 29 -Pretrial meeting with City Prosecutor
AUG 18 -Motions Hearing

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