Denver Obama rally a touch antiwar

Obama rally Denver
DENVER- Let’s just say Senator Salazar wasn’t applauded roundly when he was introduced to speak. Our antiwar message played to a friendly crowd this morning as demanding Obama supporters converged on Denver’s Civic Center Park.

From the moment we started, many came up to thank us, others holding our signs to pose for pictures. (More pics to follow.)



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3 thoughts on “Denver Obama rally a touch antiwar

  1. If this had been an antiwar rally and not a rally for the groupies of Obama to attend like a herd of sheep, the police would have said that only 10,000 people were there yesterday. Instead, they inflated the figure 3 times or more over what it really was. This is deliberate and in line with the US elites turning toward Obama to bail them out of the royal mess they are in.

    I think something similar was done a week before with the rally totals in Missouri, too. Just like here in Colorado, they then trumpeted around the globe about the Obama support ‘phenomena’. Obama’s crew clearly came prepared to declare the Denver rally yesterday to be the biggest campaign rally yet, and they had that intent beforehand. Much of the campaigns of both candidates are now totally choreographed this way.

  2. From Denver Post:

    “As with most of the political rallies held in the state, there are a number of anti-war protesters in attendance, chanting to the crowd.

    Eric Verlo of Colorado Springs was holding a large sign that read: “Democrats please stop funding the war.”

    Democrats have control of the Congress and they keep funding the war, the 47-year-old said.

    “It’s just a reminder. Barack is talking about sending more soldiers to Afghanistan and a slow withdrawal from Iraq.”

    From Lookingattheleft:
    Obama Rally Denver October 2008

    From Flicker:
    Obama Rally Denver October 2008

    Obama Rally Denver October 2008

    Obama Rally Denver October 2008
    Layla’s t-shirt was photographed by “El Marco” of Looking at the Left, and was picked up by Decidedly Right, American Power Blog, and Gateway Pundit.

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