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Spread the morning after pill around the planet! Get out of the way, Obama!

Unknown-29A court ruling has overturned the US Obama Adminstrations’s, the Pope’s, and all the other Right Wing Christian groups’ legal restrictions blocking the increased use of the morning after pill inside the US. It will now be sold over the counter in the US and made more easily available to young teen women as well as older women.
Next trip out of the US to more restrictive countries, we urge you to take along several thousand of these pills with you and distribute them liberally to those that might need them. You might most probably help save a young woman’s life if you were to do so. And too bad the Democratic Party will go on and probably continue to try to sabotage better family planning rules with their friends, the religious Far Right. The Obama Administration is turning out to be the worst set of ‘Republicans’ we have had in the White House in the last decades. Egads… (See Obama Faces Choice on Morning-After Pill Limits)

Obama is not politically correct and regrets it!

Kamala D. Harris___ Today in Wonderland USA, President Obama apologized to a woman for earlier calling her ‘hot’. However, she was then warned that if she continued to get upset about his male chauvinist sexism that he would have to send a drone to her house and take appropriate CIC action.

Holy Kamala this country is weird! See Hey, Baby! Obama apologizes to Kamala Harris

***Note*** This story was not taken from The Onion. They couldn’t dream this shit up.

Democrats prepared to beat up on the elderly with their buddies, the Republicans

Unknown-36~~~ We could see this a long time coming… Obama ‘offering to cut US pensions’ for deficit deal …Time to kick both parties to the side and stop that ‘Kiss me I’m a liberal (Democrat) bullshit. In fact, it’s way past the time to have done so. Neither Democrat nor Republican come the next round of corporate ruling class (s)elections! Voting for these people is like putting a bullet to your head. This country can hardly be called a democracy at all.

Obama continues to occupy Korea with Pentagon troops as one part of multiple US proxy wars against Russia and China

WW1 and WW2 began because various (mainly European) capitalist powers began to battle each other over ownership and control over their multiple world wide colonies. Today, the US corporate world has their US government battling the newest capitalist powers, Russia and China, over who will control the world’s scattered and now rapidly dwindling natural resources.

This continually aggressive imperialist policy of both the Democratic and Republic Party political hacks now once again endangers future prospects for any world peace, as the US government and capitalist class have engaged in multiple campaigns to garner complete control over The Balkans, the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa. North Korea, ally China’s co-nuclear power, is now saying that they do not want to enter into yet a 7th decade of being under constant attack by the Pentagon and its D.C. masters, and the American public as well as much of the European public slumbers on. Why? Can we not imagine what it would be like to be under constant attack by outside powers for generations and generations like the Korean population has been?

Almost none of the European and US Left even bothers to even begin a campaign against a possible WW3 breaking out tomorrow, and a possible nuclear war happening at that! How insane we have all become. These are the same conditions in international capitalist competition that caused the misery of WW1 and WW2 to be handed out to the world’s ‘commoners’. A rude awakening will eventually come if we do not make it wake-up time now. It is always much better to head off a disaster rather than simply respond to the barbarism that will be unleashed through our own collective inaction if we were to continue to slumber on.

Turks protest against war fever of their government and NATO

Many in the US government and European governments would like for Turkey to go and duke it out in Syria, but ordinary Turkish citizens are not in support of this war fever. See Protesters March Against War in Istanbul as Tension With Syria Escalates … The Obama regime has done little in its four years in office to diffuse the Pentagon sponsored war making in the Middle East and Asia. In fact, the Obama Administration seems to be using Syria as a stepping stone for a coming attack against Iran.

Egypt’s head torturer under Mubarak, Omar Suleiman, dies in Cleveland, USA

What I really love about the US, is that even though I am an RN I have the absolute worst time along with zillions of other Americans getting any decent medical care for me or my family. Yet foreign torturers and thugs can come over here, and Hey! …it’s no problem! Egypt's ex-spy chief Omar Suleiman dies in United States. Barack Obama is just such a swell guy!

The two most important Left websites, Alternet and Common Dreams, have apparently censored out any online commentaries about the US government’s war drive for regime change in Syria

As Syria and the Pentagon imposed fighting in that country rages, the Left’s two most important websites have eliminated all discussion of the matter! YES, if you go to these 2 Lefty sites, you will see basically NOTHING about Syria and Assad and Russia and China’s opposition to Barack Obama’s drive for war in Syria and then onto Iran! They can’t seem to decide whether to back up Commander in Chief, Democratic Party General Barack Obama, and his not so lovely Colonel Hillary Clinton with their humanitarian imperialist Lefty support or not? So instead, they just censor the commentaries they allow to be published.

US government-made terrorist forces demand of Obama direct US military intervention against Syria

Incredible but true. Private CIA-created Syrian gangs are now attacking President Obama for not moving the US army into direct military action against the Syrian government of Assad! Are CIA terrorist gangs calling for a Mitt Romney head of the US government? Truth is sometimes weirder than fiction even… But here it is, so see for yourself. The following was taken from Syrian conflict declared a civil war by the Red Cross and backed up in other news reports of the press conference as well.

‘Meanwhile, the president of Syria’s main opposition group, the Syrian National Council, stepped up pressure on America to take action by accusing President Barack Obama of stalling so as not to jeopardise his November re-election prospects.

“We cannot understand that a superpower ignores the killing of tens of thousands of Syrian civilians because of an election campaign that a president may win or lose,” Abdelbasset Sayda told CNN.’

What kind of ‘action’ does the Syrian National Council want Obama to take? These Syrian terrorists created by the US and its allies actually are directly calling for a military attack on their own country! That’s not a civil war, as the International Red Cross calls it. That is a war created by outside countries on the people of Syria. If the International Red Cross did not receive most all of its budget from the US and NATO allies, they would perhaps tell the truth here instead of lying about the nature of this conflict.

And taking part in a partisan attack against the candidate of the Democrats during our US elections? Well that is damn disgusting really. Who do these foreign employees of the CIA think they are?

To oppose Assad because he heads up a dictatorship is one thing, but to call in for foreign military intervention is quite another. There are dictatorships all around the planet and most of them are backed up by the US and NATO alliance that the so called ‘Syrian National Council’ wants to go to war against their own country. We need to stop the creation by the Pentagon and CIA of these little cliques of terrorists they constantly form and arm, because none of these PUPPETS are truly for expanding liberty and freedom, but are simply for regime changes under the sponsorship of the US government.

Libyan show elections held after Pentagon made regime change

“The United States is proud of the role that we played in supporting the Libyan revolution and protecting the Libyan people, and we look forward to working closely with the new Libya – including the elected congress and Libya’s new leaders,” Obama said (Saturday). What the role played by the US government in overthrowing Gaddafi was and the US role played in creating these show elections today was not mentioned in any detail.

The mental sickness of our US war god Barack Obama revealed on Korean Peninsula

What’s with this sick man the Democrats elected president of all of us in the US? ___NEWS ITEM- ‘A huge North Korean flag disappeared behind a tower of flames and thick black smoke Friday as South Korean fighter jets and U.S. attack helicopters fired rockets in the allies’ biggest joint live-fire drills since the Korean War.’ ___Huge US, SKorea War Games Called Warning to NKorea

I’m beginning to think that Dubya and Dick were sane in comparison to the current crew of US war mongers ruling over our planet… Hillary, Leon, and Barack seem to be gunning for starting just about any war where they can then pose themselves off as macho on US so-called ‘defense’ in time for our 2012 selections. It’s hard to believe that Romney could be any worse then this stupid, nutty CIC apparently is.

Can you imagine if another nation was to center their military war games on destroying a giant American flag? Deliberately insulting the sovereignty of another people is certainly no way to negotiate a Peace with them in good faith. Oops, you say that Barack Obama is lacking good faith here? What? This great man of CHANGE?

The deliberate symbolism of making the North Korean flag a stand in for the people of North Korea themselves and then making it all disappear in a cloud of smoke from rockets and bombs is SICK, SICK, and the SICKEST thing imaginable for a world leader to have arranged to be done.

US military expansionism is BLOCKED by Putin at G20 Summit

Obama and Putin have just met in Mexico where the desires for the Pentagon to roll over Syria and into Iran were BLOCKED. Putin is not giving in to the US threats against Russia. Obama fails to secure support from Putin on solution to Syria crisis. Also see the BBC which covered the press conference after the meeting: Obama hits major road block for his Pentagon expansionism in Middle East.

Only in America….

Only in America can you have a region announcing that it has put into law a “Homeless Bill of Rights” as Rhode Island’s Governor Chafee is doing! Now just exactly what ‘rights’ could a capitalist economy give to their multitude of wandering Homeless other than to have a job? Why make up this bogus Bill of Bullshit, when you don’t grant people the right to have gainful employment? See Rhode Island Passes 'Homeless Bill Of Rights'.

Governor, you have already denied a person their human rights when you have made them homeless! Like DUH-@#@%@% !!! Saying that you merely won’t have the cops billy club people over the head because they lack property or income is hardly giving them a ‘bill of rights’!

Some similar spirit of capitalist politician nonsense is in Obama’s new not much of a dream legislation, too. Here, the US government grants that it will not hunt your newly arrived human being down like a dog if you have been here for 5 years as a child of your undocumented parents, who Obama presumably will still hunt down like people like they are just stray animals without rights, instead of being people with Human rights. Obama though says that if you were brought here by your parents, that he will EVERY 2 YEARS certify that you may go to the university …Whoopeee! …instead of jail as a criminal. Well ain’t he a saint? Thanks You, President Border Drone.

What if all those capitalist countries, the US, Mexico, and points further south made it a human right to have a job with a pay that supports life? Wouldn’t that end the Right Wing flag waving USA monkey’s so-called ‘immigration problem’ right and then? Why can’t capitalism deliver the goods? Why does corporate dominance over all of us sink so many people into homelessness, unemployment, and destitution? Why are so many people stoops about it all? Our American ‘Bill of Right’s is pretty much a piece of garbage at this point in history and time. We as people deserve much more than we got.

Talk about chutzpah? These hypocrites know no self limits!

Here’s this guy, Shomon Peres, who is the architect of the Israeli nuclear program that gave that Apartheid State a nuclear arsenal asking Barack Obama to now go to war against Iran for Israel, because he says “They (Iran) are trying to build a nuclear bomb,” he said. “It is our responsibility to our own people, to our friends throughout the world, to posterity, that the Iranian threat must be stopped, and it cannot be delayed.’

‘Mr. President (Obama), you worked so hard to build a world coalition to meet this immediate threat,” Peres said. “You started, rightly, with economic sanctions. You made it clear — rightly, again — that all options are on the table. Clearly, we support you and your policy.”

Now that’s chutzpah, is it not? Obama actually should demand that Israel dismantle its own nukes along with the US doing that also with American atomic weapons. Then perhaps the urge to develop nuclear weaponry would be less in the world if that were the case.

Iran is hardly the source of terror for most of the world. It is the US and Israel with THEIR own ‘Jewish’ and ‘Christian’ nuclear weapons that terrorizes people. Iran ain’t nothing compared to that.

Talk about religious and cultural bigotry now, Shimon? You as a racist certainly take the cake. See Israeli President Peres to Obama: ‘We support you’ on Iran.

Now who were they (Obama and Peres) accusing of being violent? Was it Obama and Peres and Hillary talking about Assad of Syria? ..lol… What a bunch of hypocritical assholes! Especially that Mr. Nobel Peace Prize guy hugging Mr. Israeli Atomic Bomb. Gag us!

Obama Administration has expanded US military interventionism in Africa

As the Democratic Party dominated ‘Peace’ Movement in the US has slept the last 3 years PLUS, with its hero in office, the Obama-Clinton Administration has steadily increased the Pentagon presence across Africa. Actually many of the liberal Democrats demanded Pentagon expansionism on the continent, as they demanded that D.C. supposedly ‘save’ Darfur. Black Agenda Report this week examines the US imperialist increase in forces in Africa under Obama, in Glen Ford’s report U.S. Escalates Military Penetration of Africa.

Violence US military brought to Iraq, Obama Admin now is bringing to Syria

Here is this weekend’s news from Iraq … A wave of bombings across Iraq has killed 84 people and injured nearly 300 in the deadliest day in the country since US troops withdrew last year. ___ And now these thuggish Democratic and Republican politicians want to bring this Pentagon supplied bloodshed to Syria so that they can then blame Assad for it? Why don’t they first spend some hundreds of billions of dollars to repair the mess they have made in both Iraq and Afghanistan before they go out looking for new targets to slaughter in Syria and Iran? Obama truly Sucks!

If the US really wants Peace for Syria, then why would it reject including Iran in those Peace Talks?

A quiet and rather hidden away news item today is that the US and its allies have just rejected a Syrian peace initiative put forward by Russia and China. Why on earth would the Obama Administration do that, since it says it’s supposedly working to create Peace in Syria? ***See Syria: West rebuffs proposal to work with Iran to solve crisis *** ‘Efforts to forge a united international response to the Syria crisis have been dealt a double blow as the West rebuffed a proposal to work with Iran and Russia rejected a new US peace initiative.’

The answer to why the Pentagon forces of Obama have rejected any peace initiative that includes Iran in the talks, is simply because the Pentagon is launching a new extension of its previous Middle Eastern/ Asian wars with their attack on Syria to soon be followed by a direct attack on Iran as well. The Russian and Chinese governments are wise to that though, and are now no longer allowing the US to go about freely and get its way with other ham-strung countries, as they did with allowing the US to beat down Libya while it was Gaddafi led. So nobody is going to =buy the line now about it being merely just an internal affair of Syria’s that has gotten out of hand due to Assad’s repression. There’s a lot more to it than that!

Way back in the defeat of Saddam’s Iraqi forces in their US sponsored war against Iran, the US began to consider ways to completely alter the entire Middle Eastern landscape through multiple regime changes in order to obtain a more pro Israel, more pro US government, more pro American based multi-national oil company result. Because of that, the Pentagon has started one war after the other throughout this entire region, in both covert and overt manner. Remember Libya! Russia and China do.

Once again our question; If the US really wants Peace for Syria, then why would it reject including Iran in those Peace Talks?

ANSWER- Obama and the Pentagon do not want PEACE at all. They want war. And Iran is the next target they have in mind if they can just conquer Syria first?

Do as we say and not as we do? -D.C. slaughters civilians in Afghanistan even as it lectures Assad of Syria

There is nothing more sickening than Hillary and Barack lecturing others about their supposed slaughter of civilians even as they slaughter them themselves in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Afghan leader: NATO airstrike killed 18 civilians ___Just who are Clinton and Obama to be lecturing Assad of Syria about anything involving Human Rights?

Doublespeak about US war against Syrian government continues from Obama White House

Just days after announcing that it was going to openly arm ‘Syrian rebels’ already armed by the US and its Middle Eastern allies, the Obama White House now claims that it is supposedly against fighting a war against Syria, even though it is already doing so more and more overtly. All this lying and dancing, skipping rope and singing ‘human rights’ love and yada yada is how the US government always begins its wars, is it not? Nothing new here with the Obama Democratic party crowd at all in this respect. Actually, they make the Bush and Cheney team even look like amateurs in this racket. Following massacre, White House maintains opposition to US military action in Syria. Is that young White House PR man pictured spouting the bullshit really named ‘Jay Carney’, Obama? How corny the guy seems for a carney! Really.

The Russians kicked the Nazis’ ass; will they have to kick the US govt’s ass too?

May 9 is one of the biggest holidays in Russia, commemorating the day the Nazis got their ass kicked by the Soviet Union in WW2. See a film of this year’s celebration in Red Square… Goodbye Nazis .. of some interest to us dazed and dozing Americans, have been the multiple threats by Russia’s government in this month of May leading up to the celebration, to launch a preemptive strike against our own US government and its allies! Pay attention, Comrades!

from article Russia marks 67th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany.

‘During a short speech to thousands of servicemen and guests, Putin declared that the country is a force for world security and that Russia will stand up for its positions in the international arena.

“Russia consistently carries out a politics of strengthening security in the world and we have a great moral right to stand up for our positions in a principled and determined way,” he said.

The comment comes a week after a top Russian military official threatened to carry out a preemptive strike in Eastern Europe if Washington went ahead with its controversial plan to build a missile system and refused to engage in constructive dialog over the issue.’

Top Obama official calls assassinations by sniping drones ‘legal’!

Each and every time the US government uses drones to kill people with, it is using a form of sniper to assassinate somebody without any due process to try and convict them legally in a court of law. So how is any of that ‘legal’? And unlike executions, which most of the world condemns anyway, drone attacks are often very messy affairs where bystanders get executed as well as ‘targets’. Hard to mount any argument that there is any legality to all of this, and yet that’s exactly what the Obama Adminsitration and the US Democratic Party are now doing! See “Yes, in full accordance with the law" Top U.S. Security Official Says ‘Rigorous Standards’ Are Used for Drone Strikes. So what are The People supposed to now do in full accordance with the law to a body of government officials who are assassinating people outside of any real and recognized internationally law? That is the question of the day? May Day! It was bad enough when Bush was torturing people in secret but now we have Obama openly murdering people and calling it ‘legal’! We have a national government that no longer knows any legal boundaries for itself and its actions. The world, if not ourselves, will eventually stop them!

Securing the Colombia landing area for the US military CIC, Barack Obama

“Some are admitting (the women) were prostitutes, others are saying they’re not, they’re just women they met at the hotel bar,” Mr (US House of Representatives) King said in a telephone interview. Mr (Secret Service Director) Sullivan said none of the women, who had to surrender their IDs at the hotel, were minors.

“But prostitutes or not, to be bringing a foreign national back into a secure zone is a problem,” Mr King added. Meanwhile, Mr Sullivan told the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee that the 11 Secret Service agents and officers were telling different stories to investigators about who the women were. So far, 11 secret service agents and 10 US military were said to be involved in this military 'landing' of Commander in Chief Barack Obama in Cartagena, Colombia and the collision with the Colombia whore-force.

***But what’s the problem, Boss? The US military and its many divisions always need some exciting flesh when they ‘secure’ areas for US military use. Is it that we didn’t check these several dozen Colombian whores for whether they are HIV positive or not? What’s the big problem here?

The men just wanted to have a good time, and as good a time as Hillary Clinton seemed to be having at the ‘Havana nightclub’ there, too. What’s the scandal in that? We like those young Colombian whores! Oh YES we do, Boss!***

‘Liberal’ Obama supports no change to continuing to fight failed and failing US-made ‘Drug War’

‘It was now-disgraced President Richard Nixon who coined the term “war on drugs” in 1971. Since then, the drug war has cost more than one trillion dollars, the Associated Press reported in 2010. Hundreds of thousands of lives have also been lost. Observers are split on whether the goal of the programme was actually battling drug cultivation, or if the real aim was the projection of US military power in the region.’

See the full al jazeera article US allies call for drug legalisation about the backward and lost, Obama-led US drug warrior contingent in Cartagena, Colombia, as they hunt for drunken times, more killing, and young prostitutes there. Barack is about the poorest excuse for a CHANGE agent one can imagine!

The voting booth is the last place to look to see Democracy in Action

Obama versus Romney? ‘How did it come to this? How did democracy in America degenerate into a mind-numbing absurdity? The answer, in a word, is money.’

‘It has transformed what has always been a profound dissociation between what democratic theory promises and the real world of American democracy into a yawning divide. Despite what students are told in civics classes (where they still exist) and what normative theories of democracy propose, democracy in America today has almost nothing to do with rational deliberation and debate, and very little to do with aggregating preferences or reconciling conflicting interests. It is about legitimating government of, by and for the corporate malefactors and Wall Street banksters who own Congress and the White House along with an obscenely large chunk of the nation’s wealth. The Occupy movement has driven this point home, but it was widely appreciated long before Zuccotti Park entered the national consciousness.’ See Andrew Levine’s Why the Voting Booth is the Last Place to Look for Political Change