Denver police need video supervision

If we can’t get a citizens oversight board for police conduct, we need COP WATCH. Here’s the difference a video camera makes: Denver bicyclist John Heaney lost two front teeth as he “assaulted a police officer” said six Denver cops. When this footage emerged charges were dropped and the officers are being investigated for excessive force and perjury.

The head-slam is hard to see from across the street, but you can hear the crunch of the man’s teeth against the pavement. Says the Denver Police Department:

“The investigation is underway, and no conclusions should be drawn until all of the facts are available and the totality of the circumstances can be considered,” said Division Chief of Investigations Dave Fisher. “Everyone in our country is initially entitled to a presumption of innocence, even police officers.”

Isn’t that rich? Even police officers, but not bicyclists, who may or may not have ridden through a red light. Police brutality is a violation of DUE PROCESS, it’s punishment before being found guilty.

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