Denver Greens turn backs on candidate

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Vote Green of course! Try to ignore the louses who presume to speak for them locally. First the Denver Greens fired off press releases insisting that Recreate 68 retract the announcement that Cynthia McKinney would be speaking at the Sunday antiwar rally. Now they’ve revised their initial statement, omitting the correction, saying only: “Nevertheless, the Green Party of Colorado is not in any way associated with Recreate ’68.”

So… are you going to tell your fellow greens, God Bless them, where they can come hear their presidential and vice-presidential candidates?

It’s encouraging that you are no longer sticking to your original invective:

“Both candidates, and the Green Party of Colorado, are refuting this announcement and are stating that neither candidate, nor the Green Party of Colorado, are in any way associated with Recreate ’68, nor will any of their candidates be speaking at or attending any event, nor are they in any way associated with the group Recreate ’68.”

But shouldn’t you retract your refutation?

No, the Green’s Claire Ryder won’t clarify the McKinney/Clemente appearance. She won’t correct the confusion she created, and she won’t temper disparagement of DNC protest organizers. No, but she will reiterate anew:

Let’s be real clear about this. The Green Party of Colorado, the Adams-Jeffco, Arapahoe and Denver Greens have absolutely no connection or affiliation with the group touting itself as ‘Recreate ’68’.

The problem is reversed with the Democrats. Those at the grassroots are activated by the best intentions. They are betrayed by the corporate top. In the case of the Greens, the candidates are about as bright and impressive as it gets, but the party dregs have their yard-sale mentality. They’ve got to deal with their neighbors who accuse them of spoiling the vote. I imagine it’s hard not to reassure your friends you will of course support Obama.

Oh, I’m sorry if I’ve confused what the Greens are about. Is it about supporting all green issues? Is it about backing greenish Dems? No doubt it has to be. But that’s not a political party.

If they won’t say it, I will! VOTE GREEN!

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  1. Avatar tony logan says:

    The United for Peace and Justice group (UFPJ) continues to play an extremely divisive role in national antiwar organizing, and the split they brought about in Denver protest organizing is about par for the course for these national and local leaders of the UFPJ. The problem is that this group the UFPJ is principally made up of office staffer paid misleaders , liberal pacifist church types, and Democratic Party glued followers, or in short, all the people who refuse to work together with other activists who feel that the Democratic Party is as much to blame as the Republicans for US militarism.

    The thing these liberals always do is to non-violence bait other antiwar activists claiming that they are violence prone unlike themselves, which is a strategy that just feeds into cop violence itself. They are shameless in that regard. Thank goodness that Cynthia McKinney, the Green presidential candidate this year, seems to not be falling into this form of sectarian behavior, unlike the tiny core of some local confused ‘Green’ cadre in Denver who obviously are.

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