House Judiciary holds Rove in contempt

The House Judiciary Committee voted 20-14 to hold Karl Rove in contempt of Congress. Send Rove to jail!

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2 Responses to House Judiciary holds Rove in contempt

  1. Avatar tony logan says:

    How can ‘they’ throw Rove into jail? They’ve been cooperating with the Bush Adminstration all the last 8 years! Remember? The Democrats are a LOYAL ‘opposition’, or one that is an oppostion not at all. If they threw Rove into jail, they’d have to throw themselves into jail, too.

  2. Avatar Jonah says:

    Timing I guess. With Congress going on summer vacation promptly at 4 p.m. washington time tomorrow.

    If it isn’t a direct coverup ploy, there exists this possibility.

    on January 20th GW is going to be having a flurry of Pardon-signings.

    Only he can’t pardon himself.

    Having him as the prime target, serve the warrant for Obstruction of Justice. Give him a half hour to repent and start singing?

    Prosecutors typically offer the chance to be First To Turn States Evidence to all of them, BUT it’s a limited time offer and Second One To Sing is outta luck, bud.

    gotta be quick to catch the Good Deal.

    Ashcroft, Gonzo and Mucus-face all are well aware of the protocol.

    Indict, not impeach, and subpoena all the named actors with FBI instead of Congressional Warrants.

    I’m sure there’s at least a few Justice Dept individuals who don’t like being used and set up the way their current leaders like it. All it takes is one.

    it would be like having somebody riding in your car and yelling “nigger nigger nigger” out the window while you’re cruising through Washington Heights projects.

    You first impulse is to kick his stupid ass out the car and drive off laughing, right?

    Bound to be a few agents who have had their lives put on the line by the Royal Ass-ness Society a few times.

    Somebody has to resent that shit. I sure would.

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