Karl Rove hot on heels of D. B. Cooper

It used to be we had reporters who asked questions. KARL ROVE DEFIES SUBPOENA, LEAVE COUNTRY. Oh? And to where did he flee? Can’t a subpoena be grounds to bar someone exiting the country? Rove’s convenient getaway was long-planned? Do all the Neocons have escape clauses in the form of standing tickets to parts unknown? Are these veritable D.B. Cooper golden-parachutes so to speak?

Why are we left to ask these questions?

We need to ask our journalists why they are obvious accomplices to Rove’s escape? They may take us for retards, but we’re going to be blood-thirsty retards. Let’s string each an every one of the traitors up while we track Rove’s run from the law without their help. Or will the press-credentials give newsmen propagandists a free pass out of the country and out of law’s reach as well?

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  1. Avatar Thomas Mc says:

    Did you know that Rove has dual citizenship in Germany?

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