KBR’s support for troops reliably shitty

“KBR’s commitment to the safety of all of its employees remains unwavering.”
Caught having supplied tainted water to US troops in Iraq camps Ar Ramadi, Q-West and Victory, Kellogg Brown & Root issued the usual carefully crafted denial, leaving open the loophole that the commitment level from which they do not waver, may be potentially unsafe.

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1 Response to KBR’s support for troops reliably shitty

  1. Avatar Jonah says:

    yeah, dig what they said…

    “The report said KBR took corrective steps and was providing adequate water quality by November 2006.

    but then, next sentence…

    “But military units at the two sites they controlled were still failing to perform required quality control tests and maintain appropriate records by that time. ”

    OK, so, how would they figure out and know for sure that the problem actually was resolved without performing the tests, or maintaining appropriate records?

    What did they do, hold a seance or something? Channel the ghost of Nostradamus to tell them it was OK?
    In the same “spirit”, since they’re solving problems and finding answers through clairvoyance, why don’t they find bin Laden while they’re at it?

    But it WAS good enough to Fool errr… Satisfy the federal inspectors.
    One more reason for the kiddoes not to join the Army.

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