US soldiers drive-by shooting of sheep

Video shows giggling soldiers firing on a flock of sheep for kicks
A US convoy passes an Iraqi shepherd walking his sheep along the road. Soldiers lob explosives into the flock, duck, and laugh as they drive away.

4 thoughts on “US soldiers drive-by shooting of sheep

  1. When are we allowed to stop being shocked at all of this? Men who kill and torture fellow men are willing to harm sheep? No duh.

  2. I think it helps to demystify the whole ‘our boys are heroes’ stuff to harp some on these happenings, as Eric is now doing.

  3. My sister told me a funny funny joke like that, only it wasn’t funny, and wasn’t a joke.

    To hear her and her husband laughing about it you wouldn’t think that at least one Kurdish shepherd died along with his flock of sheep.

    The F-16 pilot, with all his high-tech imaging equipment said he thought it was an Iraqi anti-aircraft and lots of troops. They were also boasting at the time that the only times the USAF fired on “targets” on the ground was when the “targets” were threatening them.

    Yeah, the Pilot was feeling “sheepish” because he’d had a “baaaaaddd day.” Hilarious.

    Except the kind of heat an F16 packs is a Vulcan gun, 50 caliber or 20 mm rounds, with a rate of fire of 7200 rounds per minute.

    120 shots per second. And the appropriately named “Hellfire” missile.

    “when it absolutely has to be destroyed overnight, USAF Express”

    Pilot said no humans died in the attack. And Bush and Clinton before him claimed no unprovoked fire from any USAF plane. Guess those sheep were aiming rifles or something.

    He also, by his own admission, couldn’t tell the difference between sheep and humans in the first goddamned place.

    And that was flying patrol in the Northern No-fly Zone, that’s Kurdistan, the Kurds, the ones Mr Bush boo-hooed so much about the need to invade to protect the Kurds, yeah, those Kurds. The ones the American Army is standing back and letting the Turks slaughter right now.

    It wouldn’t be bloody likely that there would be Arab or Persian people on the ground there anyway. The Kurds have and had and always will have a bellyful of people who insist on pogroms against them.

    My sister and her husband, btw, are ex-USAF sergeants.

    and they still drink the Kool-aid… and condemn me because I don’t get with their program.

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