Local Dem candidate faces 3 obstacles

COLORADO SPRINGS- How’s this for polling place trouble, and it happened to our own Dennis Apuan. The peace community’s own Apuan, Filipino-American and Democratic candidate for state House District 17, (1) hadn’t receive his absentee ballot in the mail, so (2) was given a provisional ballot on election day. When he discovered HIS NAME WASN’T ON THE BALLOT, election workers eventually noticed (3) they were using ballots for District 19.

1 thought on “Local Dem candidate faces 3 obstacles

  1. He may have previously been with the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission to get a diving plank to get his political career off as a DP hack, but I don’t think of Dennnis Apuan as being part of the ‘peace community’ at all. He was a blockade to any sort of action in short.

    He was not running in my district but I would not have voted for him if he had been. He’s a very nice person and I like the guy, but that’s about all he is…. a nice enough person. He has never shown me as having any sign of any leadership ability but has merely been another local clone of the type of creature that creepy local DP hackster, Poh Richard Skorman is. Yuck… Having him in office would be of little note.

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