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Ladon Sheats Peace Activist

LadonIt was 1979, I was sitting in the Denver County Jail waiting for my second escape trial to begin. The cell block door opened and in walked six men. I looked them over as all prisoner do when any new prisoners are given free room and board at the local crossbar hotel.
There was something very different about these men, I saw it the moment I set eyes on them. They seemed so relaxed and peaceful in their posture unlike most men when thrown into jail, there was no “rat in a trap” manor about them, there was a peace and calm hanging around them like a halo. As I watched them from the second tier, I made a mental note that I would talk with them to learn the Why, What and Wherefore. It was not long before I learned their dastardly crime. The TV set up on the wall was tuned to the news channel, and their they were, all over the main stream media. Their crime was: These six men and one woman had cut a hole in the barbwire fence that enclosed ” Rocky Flats” the site where the triggers were manufactured for nuclear bombs. They then entered the property, knelt down on their prayer rugs and began to pray. They were praying for an end to war.

I have never been big on prayer because it seems never to fill the empty bellies of the homeless and seemed to be only so many words in the wind. The only exceptions I’ve ever seen in prayers, was when the preacher was praying for our coins to fill his pockets.

As I sat there watching these six peaceful men, my mind was exploding with thoughts. I had seen many men come to jail over the years, Robbers, Rapist, Murderers, Drug Pushers, and all sorts of petty criminals, but this was a new first for me. I had never seen men come to jail for their convictions. It was to be a lesson I would never forget, it was not long before I knew, they had something I wanted. I was that rat in the trap and I wanted the freedom they felt as they were locked in a jail.

I would spend the next month talking with them in my efforts to discover how they could remain so calm in the calamity they faced.

One of the first thing I realized was how unselfish their act was. I had four young children at home, their act was so that my children as all children should be allowed to live and grow in a peaceful world. This was a very deeply held conviction held by all of them.

In that month, one man, Ladon Sheats and I would become close friends. This was the secret he taught me.

For every human being born to this world there is a tragedy waiting at some point in their future, the size, shape and color of that tragedy is of little importance, but what is important, is how we deal with it.

If we are gripped with fear and panic, our minds have lost much of our ability to reason and deal with the problem. Stay calm, stay strong and stay standing for what you believe in. The morrow will fall to its own devise. We enter this world as a newborn, crying and terrified, with our mind and thoughts we can leave this world with a serenity and peace, this is open to each of us.

My relationship with Ladon did not end there at the Denver County Jail, he first gave me the freedom from fear and then within a few short years he gave me the physical freedom from prison for which I hungered. Some called it a miracle as at the time I was serving three life sentences.

Ladon was a true Peace Activist.

B 1934 D 2002

UN disinviting Iran confirms Syria talks aren’t about peace but Western victory

So it turns out the “Syrian Peace Talks” were of the Mideast Peace variety: terminal consessions to an aggressor’s demands, as per usual Zionist. The US has successfully pressured the UN to rescind the invitation for Iran to join the Syrian peace conference, apparently because Iran doesn’t agree that a peaceful outcome must include President Assad’s abdication. Does regime change sound like a fair and impartial solution for Syria, or does it resemble the goal of the Western nations who continue to back the instability? As usual, instead of pursuing peace, the US is talking extortion.
NOW THIS: US expresses horror [that someone is vying to beat US record] of torture and execution –is what the headline should read. Can the US “express horror” at torture and execution, alleged no less?!

Okay then, self-congratulations to you for thirty years of justice and peace!

How about those journeyman activists throwing their social justice experience around like it’s inviolate because they’ve been at this longer than the whippersnappers trying to rock their slow boat to China. They know what works after thirty years of utter failure, and they’ll admit to not a single inkling that their nonconfrontational passivism has only accelerated injustice and war. By what aggrandized blindness to irony can they congratulate themselves for their contribution to justice and peace? I don’t care that they decorate themselves like the dumb soldiers above whom they hold themselves, but hear this: don’t you dare coopt the enthusiasm of your youngers, or obstruct their path because their fresh directions offend you.

If the US really wants Peace for Syria, then why would it reject including Iran in those Peace Talks?

A quiet and rather hidden away news item today is that the US and its allies have just rejected a Syrian peace initiative put forward by Russia and China. Why on earth would the Obama Administration do that, since it says it’s supposedly working to create Peace in Syria? ***See Syria: West rebuffs proposal to work with Iran to solve crisis *** ‘Efforts to forge a united international response to the Syria crisis have been dealt a double blow as the West rebuffed a proposal to work with Iran and Russia rejected a new US peace initiative.’

The answer to why the Pentagon forces of Obama have rejected any peace initiative that includes Iran in the talks, is simply because the Pentagon is launching a new extension of its previous Middle Eastern/ Asian wars with their attack on Syria to soon be followed by a direct attack on Iran as well. The Russian and Chinese governments are wise to that though, and are now no longer allowing the US to go about freely and get its way with other ham-strung countries, as they did with allowing the US to beat down Libya while it was Gaddafi led. So nobody is going to =buy the line now about it being merely just an internal affair of Syria’s that has gotten out of hand due to Assad’s repression. There’s a lot more to it than that!

Way back in the defeat of Saddam’s Iraqi forces in their US sponsored war against Iran, the US began to consider ways to completely alter the entire Middle Eastern landscape through multiple regime changes in order to obtain a more pro Israel, more pro US government, more pro American based multi-national oil company result. Because of that, the Pentagon has started one war after the other throughout this entire region, in both covert and overt manner. Remember Libya! Russia and China do.

Once again our question; If the US really wants Peace for Syria, then why would it reject including Iran in those Peace Talks?

ANSWER- Obama and the Pentagon do not want PEACE at all. They want war. And Iran is the next target they have in mind if they can just conquer Syria first?

Hillary Clinton, America’s new ‘Peace activist’ NOT

In the US world of constant corporate and Pentagon propaganda, nothing is seen as too absurd to try to float by the dazed and dumbed down American public these days. Today’s blues/gnus, for example, has Mitt Romney denouncing Obama for screwing up the national economy, even though Obama bailed out the mega corporate banking institutions with public tax money, just exactly as the Republicans wanted him to do, too! Romney believes the selectorate is so fogged out that they forgot all about that. Is that possible in Stupid America? Certainly so! And then there’s the amazing case of Hillary Clinton, who apparently is our Nobel Peace Bomber Prize President, Barack Obama’s, idea of a ‘peace activist’… WTF???? Hillary the ‘peace activist’? Can’t be true, can it?

Hey, to people who believe that Al Gore is Planet Earth’s saviour and that the Earth is only 10,000 years old, and that Dick Cheney didn’t torture and that a young funny looking Black corporate lawyer means ‘CHANGE”, well why not Hillary, the Peace Lady? Let’s try her out on the Africans and Syrians, the Chinese and Armenians, why don’t we? Hillary Clinton is the new wave ‘for’ Human Rights from The Drone Man! Hurray!

What is so fun about this, is that it is a sign of what America has ahead for the Year 2016! Hillary, new sign of hope for America, right after one term President Mitt Romney. Is anything too absurd for Americans? Well, I’m afraid not. For right now though, it’s just a studio wrestling match with Hillary in one corner, and Bashar Assad in the other! Jerry Springer the referee. Oops, I meant Ban Ki-moon the referee!

What do ‘we’ stand for?

An ‘Anonymous’ reader says that he/ she has had trouble figuring out just what Not My Tribe writers seem to be for. I personally find that hard to believe since we all the time have already patiently explained most of what we support and don’t support, yet here we aim to please so I will briefly list out a few items that are generally what I, at least, am for.

Internationalism, instead of US nationalism. Peace, instead of US militarism. Justice for all, instead of only justice bought by the dollar for the rich and denied to the poor. Respect for all cultures, nationalities, sexual orientations, and for both sexes and the poor… not disrespect for those who are deemed inferior by the monied classes. Democracy, not dictatorship of the business community over the working classes. Ecology, not capitalist pillage of the environment and capitalist over production of trash not really needed to live decent and fulfilled lives. Jobs for all guaranteed with decent incomes, not constant economic insecurity for most people on the planet. Decent medical care and educational systems, not medicine for profit making and schools that indoctrinate and create ignorance.

Let’s stop here, shall we, Anonymous? So you have called us negative and hateful more than a few times. What is it about the above political agendas you actually disagree with and why?

The Republicratic Party’s two fake ‘Peace’ candidates, Ron Paul & Obama

Have Americans ever been so deluded before? At the last Occupy Colorado Springs activity I was at, person after person came up to me as I held a sign saying PEACE and informed me all knowingly that ‘The War’ was now all over with. When I replied to them that it surely was not, they shook their heads with disgust that I should be so ignorant as to think that! And even as the US is at war with much of the world and preparing for new ‘interventions’ in multiple places, many of the American public seemingly believe that the Republicrats are presenting them with 2 outstanding and shining Peace candidates for the presidency. Have we all fallen down the rabbit hole into Alice’s Wonderland? I begin to wonder?

Here is the New York Times trying to pull the wool over our eyes with this story about Obomber, The supposed Peace President in his starring role… Obama Warns Against ‘Loose Talk of War’ , as if by talking out of both sides of his mouth at once, that somehow can make him Super Peace Man while the Republican opposition mainly rattle their wannabe collective sabers!

But the Republicans have their fake-o Peace guy, too, and he is the Love Business, Ayn Randite from Texas called Ron Paul. Ron, per his Vote Me website is claiming to represent the Tea Party much better than Rick Santorum is… SUPPORTING SANTORUM MEANS REJECTING THE TEA PARTY, as if anybody in their not Right Winger mind would ever believe that the Tea Party is pro Peace? He, too, talks out of both sides of his mouth, just like Barack. Too damn weird that so many Americans continue to see Ron Paul, grand saviour of the Tea Party Movement, as being an ‘antiwar’ sort of guy! But they do! They really do. Unbelievable delusion, is it not?

Here is more from the vote Ron Paul website… ‘Kathleen Miller, wife of popular former Tea Party U.S. Senate candidate, “proudly” stands with Paul- ANCHORAGE, Alaska 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul was endorsed today by Kathleen Miller, wife of Joe Miller, a popular Tea Party Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in the state of Alaska during the 2010 election.’

What a strange Peace Now guy this Ron Paul must be? Here he is once again per his web site…

‘In Congress, Ron Paul voted to authorize military force to hunt down Osama bin Laden and authored legislation to specifically target terrorist leaders and bring them to justice.’

So he backed those drones that have been killing innocent people as often as not, in foreign countries though it is against international law! He backs those drones that have killed multiple innocent enough children, and did it while preparing to run as the Tea bagger version of the Peace candidate! How can so many Americans buy this kool aid laced with cyanide? How can they?

The plain fact is that the US government is at war constantly, and neither Obomba nor Ron Paul would change any of that. Buy their pro corporate bullshit if you will, but do not come and then pretend to us that these American Big Business stooges are Peace guys. They simply are not. Stop playing be-stupids, America! The world knows what you are. STUPID.

The US War against Syria is part of the ongoing US War against Iran

The US pretends to be part of a ‘liberation movement’ against Assad of Syria but supports the one candidate/ one party dictatorships of Bahrain, where the US Navy fleet docks, and Yemen, which is part of US ally Saudi Arabia’s hunting to kill, Shia Muslims battlefield. Apparently not all dictatorships are created equally for the Obama Administration, since some are supported and others not. So why support the overthrow of Assad in Syria, Obama?

You and the Democrats are doing the Republican Party’s work once again, one can easily see. And once again, the US government/ military is setting one section of Muslims against another, which is like if a foreign power was promoting sectarian violence and war between Catholics and Protestants, inside the US and European countries. Nasty, hateful business, in short. And it’s all part of D.C.s drive for regime change in Iran, too.

The picture of Hillary Clinton arriving today in Tunis to push this US allied, Syrian terrorist warfare inside Syria, illustrates perfectly exactly what Washington D.C. and the Barack Obama Administration are doing to YET ANOTHER foreign country. They are attempting to destroy Syria by organizing opposition gangs to a government regime D.C. wants to overthrow.

So when will the American people forcefully reject this lust for constant war of the US business community? The time to do it is now, and not some seemingly distant time in the future when the chickens will eventually come home to roost for ‘our’ USA (business) First sins. We increasingly live in a sick, Nazi like society in the US, as this is what constant warfare does to a people. It reduces us, in the US, into being a completely morally bankrupt society, just like the German people were like under the Nazi regime.

See Tunis police beat back protesters at Syria meeting for more info about the Obama Administration’s organizing of terrorism against the Syrian people, many of who support the pro-Iranian Assad government.

I’ve been criticized for this picture before…

That is ARVN General Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing Murdering Capt. Nguyen Van Lem of the VietMinh. The excuse often given for the General killing a prisoner is that members of Gen Nguyen’s family had been killed recently. So had members of Capt Nguyens family, probably at the orders of Gen Nguyen. But, you see, grief and a desire to avenge ones family is a privilege only granted to The Wealthy Elite. How DARE a peasant presume that his moms or his wifes or his child’s life was worth exactly the same as that of a Rich Person? And make no mistake, the General, in a country that could best be described as a satrapy, was rich. It’s much like you don’t have to come from a line of officers in the U.S. to get an appointment to the Service Academies, but if your family were enlisted men for generations it’s almost guaranteed that you won’t. And Robert E. Lee had an extreme advantage in that his grandfather was the first commandant of West Point and was a close personal friend of George Washington, and John McCain wasn’t exactly hampered by his daddy being an Admiral either.
Rank isn’t supposed to be inherited, like Aristocracy, but it sure enough is.
And it still falls back to the time when officers, with titles like earl or duke or Knight, owned the men serving under them.
This is another unexpurgated face of war. Just, you know, reminding the people that The Big Pigs don’t like for the kids they’re recruiting or the people who are supposed to pay their taxes cheerfully to support the wars… to know the realities of it.
In the Unexpurgated Face of War comments was the constant running theme that somehow we have to hide the Ugly of war to allow the Glorious to shine through. But there is no glorious, only the ugly.

People die, mostly the poor, because there’s more of us to begin with, and far lower a percentage of the wealthy get drafted or recruited. People die with great big pieces of themselves surgically removed with explosives or projectiles launched with explosives. You wouldn’t think that something as small as a bullet, multiplied impact by the fact that it’s hitting at over the speed of sound, would be able to take something as large as both lungs and the heart out the back…

But, it does. Some have bulletproof vests, usually the aggressor nation (U.S., Britain) but, there are Vestproof Bullets to counter that. One concept explaining the exact value of a bulletproof vest is that it keeps the internal organs in roughly the same place so cleanup is easier.
(the first time I encountered that was in the book Catch-22 by Joseph Heller… Whither the Snowdens of yesteryear?)

They’re with Capt. Nguyen, and now, Gen. Nguyen

By the way, that’s not a given name, it’s the surname, lots of nations in Asia use the surname first. It’s also THE most common surname in the Annamese language, (Annam was the ruling province of what’s now VietNam) and in VietNam it’s more common than Smith Jones and Brown combined. Were they cousins? Probably.
The old Cain and Abel routine comes in naturally, one of the interesting things of the “Seven Degrees From Kevin Bacon” parlor game is now codified, there actually is seven degrees of separation OR LESS from any two people on the planet.

As the song says, it’s a small world after all. It’s how a swarm of locusts three miles wide will have perfectly synchronized wingbeats and a swarm of crickets will chirp in perfect orchestration.

More important to those who study peace and love, as opposed to war and hate, that person you’re pointing the gun at, actually IS your brother, or close enough.

In the struggle for Middle East land, Palestinian violence will always win

Israel can build all the new settlements it wants, take heart, it only takes one horrific Tate-Labianca-like crime scene to curb the Zionist homecoming charade. Israel can terrorize Gaza to smithereens, the Palestinians have nowhere to flee. American Jews on the other hand, are not going to leave comfortable digs, to relocate to Jerusalem where their 11-month-old might be slashed to death in her crib. Such dastardly strategy comes at a price of course, against a military willing to defy international law and exact collective punishment for the deed of one zealot, but Israel knows that even its US billions in weapons cannot compete with one Palestinian knife that finds its mark.

Odd, isn’t it? On the battlefield, Goliath can slay an entire West Bank of Davids, but when the contest is holding ground, you can take it, but if you can’t convince your people to settle it, the land will revert to its rightful inhabitants.

I’ll leave you to decide if the murder of an Israeli settler family is off-limits. They’re moved unto properties appropriated from Palestinians, illegal settlement of occupied land, they’re ferried by armored SUVs in military convoys, their rooftops, front gates, walls and streets are guarded by soldiers, their neighborhoods buffered by “sterile zones” purged of all inhabitants, the persistence of their habitation is used to advertise for more settlers and demoralize the non-Jewish native population in waiting of cleansing. Are settlers “innocent civilians,” irrespective old or young age? Who is to blame for putting settler children into homes whose previous inhabitants have been put out on the street, who can only assail their walls with stones?

Remember too, it’s the Israeli settlers, more than the IDF soldiers, who routinely raid Palestinian homes, orchards and farms, killing their neighbors with impunity. Where does any settler get to pretend they should be considered an innocent civilian?

Arab Palestine is confronted with a slow death by attrition. Israel has never disguised its plan to ethnically purge the entire of what it calls Judea and Sumaria. What does it matter then, if resistance violence begets occupier retaliation, if this brazen home-invasion-family-murder provokes an avenging of deaths ten fold? The Russian Partisans paid fifty to one. The Gaza massacre was 300 to one. The Gilad Shalit prisoner ratio is tens of thousands to one, still well shy of US military disproportional force.

Peace activists want to curb armed resistance in favor of nonviolence, calculating that peace will come when Palestinian martyrdom awakens the Israeli conscience, or whichever comes first, Palestinian blood runs dry. This suits Israel of course, its Apartheid State needs the Palestinians gone, for Jews cannot forever pretend they have a Democray while subjugating an inferior untouchable class. So long as one Palestinian remains who fights back, Israel will never conquer Palestine.

Israel can plan all the settlement construction sites it wants, the more beautiful the better, in the end the people of Palestine can claim them in partial compensation.

US vexed Swiss will support peace not peacekeeping or peace enforcement

In a Dec 2, 2008 diplomatic cable released by Aftenposten, the US ambassador to Switzerland reports that US-Swiss relations “lack the natural intimacy and trust” because, he laments:
“U.S. and Swiss soldiers never fought side-by-side in a war, no Swiss town felt an emotional bond to the U.S. for a past liberation or economic assistance program,” which creates the vexing obstacle that the Swiss Army won’t lend their knives to NATO or other USG non-multilateral projects:
“The Swiss military is limited by law to participating only in peace support operations (PSOs) — as opposed to peacekeeping or peace enforcement –“ I’ll interrupt here to highlight the distinction which the historically-neutral, tri-lingual, direct-democracy Swiss nation makes, perhaps like the Inuit and their fabled hundred words for snow. Americans are sold only one kind of peace, which has to be kept and enforced. We have only one word for peace and it’s not peace.

Render unto Obama the peace symbol that is Obama’s

I’ve always cherished the peace symbol button I wear on my coat lapel, lovingly decorated for me with rhinestones. But I see what it has become, a broach. Time to take it off, not because it’s grandmotherly, it’s pure and simple outrée. PEACE: Yeah, who doesn’t want peace –so what? That the peace symbol has become ubiquitous would have been something to celebrate only a couple years ago when it marked you as an obstinate hippie or wannabe malcontent. Today peace means Pax Obamana: WORLD PEACE imposed by imperial drone, PEACE KEEPING by occupation. The PEACE OF MIND come of military security. The PEACE AND QUIET absent of conscience, PEACEFULLY free of dissonant free speech. When George Bush said he would bring corporate malfeasance into compliance with the law, we thought he would reform their lawbreaking, instead Bush meant he’d change the law. Obama promised peace, the war = peace incarnation, and he intends to bring us into compliance.

Pentagon says “we don’t know how we launched that Missile”

It’s all over the net now, an “unexplained, possibly accidental” launch of a missile off California. I read “accidental missile launch”, googled that term and got time after time after time that missiles have been fired without any advance planning. Most of the types that can’t be just launched by one person, right? Like, the missile off California had NUCLEAR CAPABILITIES.
Here’s a quick Humorous take on the problem from 3 years ago, a Canuckistan writer with the nom-de-paix “Sanity Defense”.
“Vice President Dick (“DUCK!”) Cheney (already famous for hunting while drunk and somehow not able to tell the difference between a 3 pound bird and a two hundred pound corrupt South Texas lawyer-Jonah) apologized to America’s northern ally today for the unintentional deployment of a nuclear missile against Montreal. “It was entirely accidental,” Cheney assured nervous Canadian survivors as they huddled in fallout shelters. “I really didn’t know Montreal was there when I picked the coordinates and pushed the button.” After this second instance of an embarrassing accidental discharge of a weapon, President Bush assured international diplomats that he was going to work with Cheney “to get that trigger finger under control. Don’t you worry.”

Canadian leaders, many of whom were vaporized while attending a summit meeting in Montreal, were unavailable for comment”

It’s not the first time. There’ve been reports of the Russians and Chinese Armies accidentally launching. Israel during an air strike on Gaza (which is definitely “bring a machine gun to a knife fight) had blown a family to smithereens with an “OOPSIE, we were aiming at a similar unarmed person and missed” shot. The U.S. had shot down a plane, claiming to have accidentally launched, but there were bullet holes in the door…

Somebody needs to (a) either trash the God-damn things, which unfortunately ain’t likely, or (b) break the fingers of the people in charge of launching them, and continue breaking them until they’ve learned to keep their nasty little grubby Bloodstained Hands off the Goddamn Buttons.

Which, also, ain’t very likely.
Meanwhile, bank at the ranch, American “conservatives” are eager to restrict access to education while and at the same time, simultaneously in a redundant yet synchronous type of manner… increasing the number of these very dangerous high tech toys.

More real bad toys, less people capable of working them correctly.
Also, it’s a product that, when Used Correctly, is intended to cause death and serious injuries and massive property damage.

Which brings up another part of the War Monger Baby-Killer Agenda, Crusades_2.0.exe (.bin for Mac and Linux users) wherein the same idiots who launch missiles accidentally in a “Holy” war against what is now limited to a fraction of the Muslim people, want to expand that war to whoever among the BILLION people whose faith is Islam and who don’t renounce that faith for a truly hate-filled interpretation of Christianity. Bow to our Unholy Pope or we kill you and your families!

Not much actually new about that, aside from the scope of the weapons in combination with the ignorance of those wielding them.

Did I say “the same ones who are accidentally firing missiles”? OOPS. I forgot to add all the Bozo Juniors who are being trained by the Bozo Seniors in how to misuse massive amounts of firepower.

Christian on Christian Crime Spree, ongoing…

The nationalities of those identified as the hijackers on 9/11… 15 Saudis, 2 UAE, one Lebanese and one Egyptian, all of them U.S. allies in the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan.
U.S. and Allied Casualties on D-Day, D-Day, 2499 Verified American dead, 10,000 ALLIED soldiers.
Fox (Ministry of Propaganda) puts total at 4000 and as high as 9000.
Killed by the “Christian” cultures of Italy and Germany.
That doesnt count the French Civilians killed by actions of both sides, nor the Christian Italians and Germans killed by the Christian British, French, Canadian, U.S., Polish, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Belgian, just to name the major players.
None of the 9/11 hijackers were either Iraqi or Afghan.

Saying that a coalition of Saudis attacking the U.S. justifies attacking two countries that Are Not Saudi Arabia would be like saying D-Day justifies an attack on Mexico. Or England.

Yet the Right Wing BabyKillers still play the 9/11 card
and expect us to eat it up and ask for seconds.
Save room for dessert, because it’s really sweet.

The vast majority of wars in which Christianity as a State Religion was a factor, were wars against Other Christian Nations or Christian subjects of the Same Nation. That includes the infamous Crusades.

Our Favorite Mercenaries, admired by Blackwater/Xe as being the epitome of Christian Warriors, Les Chevaliers Templars, Indicted by their Fellow Christians from the Catholic Church for murdering and kidnapping Other Crusaders and that notation was only made because they ran afoul of the French king and his Pet Pope.

Richard Couer d’Leon, the “Black Knight” from Ivanhoe and Robin Hood legend, King by right of conquest of England (though he spoke no English) kidnapped twice and killed once by his Fellow Crusaders. And that’s just the high-profile case.

Seems the Christian Nobility were neither.

Christian.. Noble… not a chance. After LOSING their very fat collective Arse to the Turks and Arabs they turned their focus more inward, and just started slaughtering (mostly) Christian subjects in their own kingdoms and those of the neighboring kings.

By the logic implied by the 9/11 chanting Murderers, or at least inferred by me, the Christian Blood shed by Christian Warriors over the past 20 centuries means only one thing…

That Christianity should enter into a Jihad to wipe ourselves out as an embarrassment to the name of God.

Actually, we already do.

Propaganda Story “Military Medics Fight to Keep Afghan Boy Alive”

While in actuality, they were just prior to the kid getting blown apart, fighting to kill him.
Military Medics are NOT non-combatants. They’re COMBAT support. That was impressed on us in Basic Training and once again in Tech School, we were to be basically Monkey Mechanics, keeping the Human Fighting Machines in good working order. Every bit as dehumanized and coldly efficiently calculated as the base armorer keeping the Rifles in good working order. The base Veterinarians office keeping the Police Attack Dogs in good working order, and a subset of that, the Base Exterminator (yes, under the command of the Base Veterinarian) whose job is to control wild animals, like the flocks of birds near the runways, skunks, coyotes, rats, cats both native and feral, wild hogs, etc etc…
And to use Herbicides like Agent Orange to kill the native vegetation, so that there’s a clear field of fire.
They SAY all this is necessary because if we don’t do that, we wouldn’t be able to provoke and fight Wars.
Help me out here, I’m not seeing an actual Downside.

A far simpler solution than patching up the kid after first dismantling him, how about just Get The Fuck Out Of HIS Country, and stop using Massive Firepower to dismantle his country, and stop using that firepower to dismantle HIM and other PEOPLE like him.

You God-damn blow people apart then for a propaganda photo-opportunity patch one of them back together, to what, show that you’re not the Dehumanized Uniformed Drones (duds) who are forcing your “Superior” civilization on his people? Because you’re so God-Damned culturally and morally sophisticated that you Owe It To Him and his fellow Kids to murder them if they don’t bow down to that “superior” sophisticated culture? And of course the “superior” Military.

They told us in Tech School that in combat zones we should scrape that Red Cross off our helmets.

Told us that there was a Commie Propaganda campaign that started in the Korean war, saying that American Military used the Red Cross symbol to smuggle munitions. I’ll find the post I made about that, A Dynamite Box label for “red cross BRAND military grade Extra Dynamite 1949” written in Chinese.

The boxes I had found in a military landfill on Ft Bliss, Texas, had the inscription in English.
Which your average Chinese or North Korean soldier wouldn’t have been able to read any more than the Redneck War-pigs here would be able to read the same thing in Chinese.
All they would be able to understand would be the Red Cross symbol.

But of course the VietNamese people and the Laotian and Cambodian and Chines were just, you know, Lying because that’s what Commies do.

Besides, “We are here to win your hearts and minds…. or just burn down your goddam huts”

Big Week

Today is the International Day of Peace, or as it has become known outside our borders, Anti-American Day. By coincidence, the Pentagon announced today the US must increase its troop levels in Afghanistan or peace will win. On Wednesday pro-Israeli-expansion zealots are rallying in major US cities, Denver among them, to protest the Iranian president being allowed to attend the UN. (Potential dialog with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could interfere with US and Israeli plans to promote military strikes against Iran.) Also on Wednesday, UFCW Local 7 will vote on whether to strike against Safeway and King Soopers. On Thursday, demonstrators in Pittsburgh will attempt to halt the G-20 globalists. Over the weekend, we will target media outlets who are misrepresenting the health care reform debate.

Christian Love Video

crossMonks brawl at Jerusalem shrine. This reminds me of when some of our local liberal Christian ‘Peace’ monks called the police on us for trying to meet to plan antiwar activities at their Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission Shrine in downtown Colorado Springs. I wonder now how their new smaller shrine will be doing now that it has reopened.
Barack Obama HQ moved into their previous larger shrine. It certainly figures….

Russia is rejecting planned US war against Iran

onepeople_worldpeace_small.jpg As both US corporate political parties line up solidly to support a war with Iran, Russia’s rejection of Georgia’s attack on South Ossetia signifies that Russia is also firmly rejecting supporting the US government’s planned coming war against Iran. Most American’s do not realize that it is a Russian company that is building Iran’s nuclear plant, and in the wake of US-Georgian aggression against Russian interests in the Caucasus that the Russian government and this Russian company have reaffirmed that they will continue work on building this facility.

That, with Russia’s recent condemnation of US massacres of Afghan civilians signals a clear turn against continuing Russian backing for US occupations and wars against countries near to or on its southern borders. Russia and Iran have many years of mutual distrust, but US imperialism is now giving both countries good reason to abandon their traditional hostilities and ally together for mutual defense. Iranian Trump Card. Russia Can Take Control of Persian Gulf is an article that discusses some of the issues in this up and coming new alliance in the South of Asia.

Russia has no continued interest in openly supporting US occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, which in fact they have been doing. The US government has moved to aggressively confront Russia militarily instead of mutual disarmament, and now the whole world is in danger of a world war developing because of this. The US is no longer just picking on defenseless and underarmed regimes, and we are being stupid in the US Antiwar Movement if we don’t take immediate actions to inform the general public about what its bipartisan government is doing together to destroy any future possibility of having world peace. The time to take action is now.

Should PPJPC be organized differently?

The PPJPC is not working out as it is presently organized. Currently it is organized as a non-profit corporation, has 3 paid staff members, and is run by a Board of Directors who are answerable to nobody other than themselves, because they the group as a whole simply has no membership meetings. That’s right. The group has no membership meetings and is run from top down.

Yes, there is one supposed membership meeting per year, but in reality the Board organizes itself beforehand and then presents its own decisions to the ‘membership meeting’, which is in fact a public event organized as a sort of pep rally with the office staff and Board in charge of arranging all of the show beforehand. All decisions are made prior to the membership meeting, and not during the year’s one ‘membership’ meeting itself.

During the rest of the year, the Board of Directors simply decides among themselves who is to replace any Board directors that might be necessary to add per vacancies. The group, as a whole, is completely absent from making these decisions, as it is absent from having any voice in choosing office staff. In fact, there is no group as a whole other than those who donate money, who are considered the membership, rather than those who might be doing the main volunteer work and active in protests against The War. In actual reality though, donors make no membership decisions and are not even consulted regarding them.

So what has been the result of this form of organization? In one word, the result has been total disorganization and chaos. The group simply does not have a membership at all beyond its ‘Board’ and paid staff. The group is not run democratically at all, but rather as a group of volunteers that do what the office staff arranges for them to do, supposedly with leadership direction given by the Board of Directors. In fact, even that is not usually the case, and decisions on what to do usually are principally made by the paid staff, and them pretty much alone.

How much does the paid staff take in salaries from the group? At $10/ hour for 3 people over one year, the amount is a whopping sum of over $50,000 a year! Yet, this same staff of 3 are most often missing from actions that are in protest of war in the city. That’s right. They are no shows, over and over and over again!

Well, do they do other things then? Not really. The PPJPC is a group that pays for a building, has three paid staff members, and then does not keep it open most hours of the week! How are these hours of business for you? The building is kept open from 10 to 2, Monday through Friday. And even that is not on a regular basis! Last years cost for this building not kept open? Way over $12,000 which is just rent alone being counted!

All this would be comical if it was not so sad. We have a group spending over $62,000 a year to pay three staff and keep a building open 20 hours a week. In addition, the 3 staff are largely absent from attending antiwar protest activities in this city! In addition, the group largely does not even organize most protests against war and in support of justice in this city. Oftentimes, the group merely seems largely to be taking credit for work that others are doing.

The PPJPC needs to be organized differently, or the people of Colorado Springs need to be informed that this is a group that is not the actual local organizing vehicle for protest against The War. It is a waste of dollars to donate to this group as presently disorganized as it is from top down. Your money is going to pay office people who are not real organizers or participants in much of anything happening in this city.

This is a group that did not organize itself to protest The War when Barack Obama recently came to town! Today, Barack Obama is advocating more US troops be sent to fight the War of US Occupation of Afghanistan. Where was the PPJPC? But it is not just this example that shows the inactivism of the PPJPC. Less than a year previous to the Obama visit to Colorado Springs, Dick Cheney came to town. The PPJPC only turned out 7 people in protest of Dick Cheney! Where were the ‘Board of Directors’ and paid office staff of the group? They were essentially not present at this protest.

Neither the ‘Board of Directors’ nor the paid office trio, participate in The Springs area’s only weekly vigil against the war. None of them! Despite the open use of torture being the main political issue in the country, none of the ‘Board of Directors’ or paid office staff, have challenged the Colorado Springs municipal government to pass a statement against federal use of torture. Why not? $62,000 plus a year paid in salaries and a building and where are they?

The time is now to demand a reorganization of this group, or failing that, we must organize another group that will do the necessary work of opposing War and standing for Justice. The group as presently disorganized is an actual impediment to doing antiwar work in this community. We sincerely hope that the PPJPC can turn itself around, but it will take much work before that that can be accomplished.

We propose now that the group immediately hold monthly membership meetings that are empowered to lead the group and not just respond to direction made by paid staff and a very few of the ‘Board of Directors’. The group must make itself democratic if it is going to effective in opposing the ‘Global War on Terrorism’, and regularly scheduled membership meetings are essential to making the group more democratic. At this time, it doesn’t even have a declared purpose in opposing ‘The Global War on Terror’. That must change, and the group must be made into a democratic community organization, or it will simply not function.

In making this analysis, no animosity is held towards anybody. However, for this group to move forward in changing itself for the better, the group must reorganize. Part of that reorganization must include a decrease in the costs of supporting 3 paid staff members, who think it their task to run the group, for the group. We issue the following challenge to these 3 paid staff members…

If you are in fact dedicated to opposing War effectively, then do so like the rest of us who give our time and energy for free. Stay active with the group, but give up your paid staff positions so that reorganization of the group can progress. We hope that you will work against The War, even if not paid to do so? Thank you most sincerely for what you have already done in fighting injustice and aggression. But the time has come, to stop receiving a salary from the PPJPC. We hope that you will make your personal transition to civilian life soon? There is no longer the money to spend in the manner that was done before with so little results. Your salaries are hemorrhaging major money from the community that wants to support Peace activities here, and your personal activities are largely not that productive for what is spent in paying you.

Christ the Redeemer of the Andes

Border Argentina Chile Bermijo Pass
In the early part of the 20th century, Argentina and Chile were engaged in an ongoing border dispute. Inspired by Pope Leo XIII’s calls for worldwide peace and harmony, the Bishop of Cuyo commissioned a statue of Christ the Redeemer to remind believers of Christ’s message of peace. As the countries drew closer to armed conflict, plans were made to ship the statue from Buenos Aires to the Andes as a symbol of peace between the two nations.

The statue stands at the border of Argentina and Chile, at 12,572 feet, on the Bermijo Pass. This is the location where General José de San Martín and his army of 4,000 crossed the Andes in 1817 in their quest to liberate Chile from Spanish rule. Needless to say, it is sacred ground to the many South Americans who consider San Martín to be their Libertador.

In 1902, a peaceful resolution to the dispute was reached. Two years later, 3,000 Chileans and Argentinians climbed to the summit together to see the statue unveiled. One of the plaques beneath the statue reads:

Sooner shall these mountain crags crumble to dust than Chile and Argentina shall go to war again with each other.

The countries came to the brink of war in Beagle Conflict but, at Pope John Paul II’s urging, signed a Vatican-mediated compromise in 1984.

I guess Christ the Talisman is working!

Andes Argentina Chile borderChilean fort Bermijo Pass Andes
Christ the Redeemer Andes Argentina Chile

Bush and The Democrats push for war with Syria and Iran

In the news today, the Bush Administration is blaming Iran for US troop deaths in Iraq, and at the same time is accusing Syria of having a secret nuclear weapons production program. And the Democratic Party stands by in silent acquiescence with this rhetoric to justify starting a war with these 2 countries.

And what’s up at the local Peace group HQ, where the ‘peace’ troops are dominated by a salaried group of Democratic-Party-voting office staff? They too seem to be standing by silently in acquiescence and acceptance of this new rhetoric for an expansion of US-made war to Syria and Iran!

‘Syria and Iran, who are they? We certainly don’t plan to do anything before hand to publicize their presence on the world map. We’re too busy with fund raising, Earth Day, and Peace Camp.’

It’s a sad world we live in, since nobody seems to ever learn from the past. The time to start protesting is NOW, and not later after this war has already begun. Wake up, People!