Mental detox

Mental detox week
The idea is simple: take your TV, your DVD player, your video iPod, your Wii, your laptop, your PSP, and say goodbye to them all for seven days. Simple, but not at all easy. Like millions of others before you, you’ll be shocked at just how difficult — yet also how life-changing — a week spent unplugged can really be.

This post is a clear violation, I know.

1 thought on “Mental detox

  1. Yo Marie,
    Have to agree with you. Dump all that elect junk and lay back, sip a red wine & read a good book. Look at the stars at night or sunrise or sunset, smell the flowers and chill out. Get rid of all the hurt within, dump those neg vibes and become one again, Marie. Be surprised with your self when you do. Out look will not may but will change. Life is too short to just hate, love is better.

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