Wikileaks has video of Granai Massacre

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is officially a wanted man. After the arrest of whistleblower Bradley Manning for leaking the Collateral Murder video, the Pentagon announced it is hunting Assange “to talk to him” about 260,000 diplomatic cables which Army Specialist Manning is purported to have passed along as well. Appealing for fans to create Wikileak support groups worldwide, Assange confirmed possession of sensitive material to which he could only allude earlier: the US military’s own video of the “Garani Massacre” (sic), its 2009 airstrike and coverup of the killing of over 140 Afghan civilians, most of them children. Within hours, the claim and Assange’s appeal, were removed from the Wikileaks website.

Assange’s announcement has been propagated by journalists in the Wikileaks email circle, but strangely the call for creating a network of support groups, “Friends of Wikileaks is being given no traction.

The hasty typo of “Garani,” uncorrected, doesn’t serve the cause either. As a keyword, Garani brings up only Assange’s recent Tweet. All news references of the original incident are indexed under “Granai.” Or of course Julian Assange’s earlier codeword, Project G.

That the media is so casual about describing the Wikileaks founder as subject of an “international manhunt” is unfortunately disarming. Assange has had to cancel an appearance in Las Vegas, and a later keynote engagement for 2600 in NYC. Oh hw funny. Pentagon Papers whisleblower Daniel Ellsberg is warning the Assange is facing very real danger of rendition, interrogation, disappearance, even assassination by US drone. The excitement builds?

You can do more than watch Assange dodge missile strikes like Flash Osama. Contact Wikileaks about enlisting as friend or supporter, not just spectator.

Below is the original email from Julian Assange:

WikiLeaks may be under attack.

You were generous enough to write to us, but we have not had the labor resources to respond.

Your support is important to us. Please read all of this email to understand what is going on. We apologize for not getting back to you before. It is not through any lack of interest on our part, but an enforced lack of resources.

One of our alleged sources, a young US intelligence analyst, Bradley Manning, has been detained and shipped to a US military prison in Kuwait, where he is being held without trail. Mr. Manning is alleged to have acted according to his conscious and leaked to us the Collateral Murder video and the video of a massacre that took place in Afghanistan last year at Garani.

The Garani massacre, which we are still working on, killed over 100 people, mostly children.

Mr. Manning allegedly also sent us 260,000 classified US Department cables, reporting on the actions of US Embassy’s engaging in abusive actions all over the world. We have denied the allegation, but the US government is acting as if the allegation is true and we do have a lot of other material that exposes human rights abuses by the United States government.

Mr. Manning was allegedly exposed after talking to an unrelated “journalist” who then worked with the US government to detain him.

Some background on the Manning case:

[ note that there are some questions about the Wired reportage, see: ]

WikiLeaks a small organization going through enormous growth and operating in an adverserial, high-security environment which can make communication time consuming and the acquisition of new staff and volunteers, also difficult since they require high levels of trust.

To try and deal with our growth and the current difficult situation, we want to get you to work together with our other supporters to set up a “Friends of WikiLeaks” group in your area. We have multiple supporters in most countries and would like to see them be a strong and independent force.

Please write to if you are interested in helping with Friends of WikiLeaks in your area. You will receive further instructions.

We also have significant unexpected legal costs (for example flying a legal team to Kuwait, video production. Collateral Murder production costs were $50,000 all up).

Any financial contributions will be of IMMEDIATE assistance.

Please donate and tell the world that you have done so. Encourage all your friends to follow the example you set, after all, courage is contagious.

Julian Assange
Editor in Chief

16 thoughts on “Wikileaks has video of Granai Massacre

  1. Here is a clip of (June 16, 2010) The Daily Show, where Jon Stewart takes on Obama’s constant abuse of his powers in his skit, ‘Respect My Authoritah’.

    And now he’s after Julian Assange! He wants to stop him, and murder might be one way to do that? Is it possible?

  2. Tony, that video is priceless! Thanks for sharing. You may be ready to come with me to the next Ayn Rand reading group session, in July. We finished Atlas Shrugged, and are now proceeding thru Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal. Time to get ready before the worldwide economic collapse. I predict we have about 12 months before the power goes out. I’ll be headed for the woods, with my guns and my huntin’ Yorkie.

  3. Glad always to hear from you, Michael, but I wouldn’t bet too much good money on me getting into Ayn Rand Thought… lol… And just what are you going to do with all those guns of yours?

  4. I may be able to keep the rampaging cannibal hordes at bay, perhaps take out a few rabbits or deer to feed my paleo diet. It’s going to get a lot worse than Greece here sooner than most think. It’s all outlined in Atlas Shrugged, I would recommend it highly to you and any other thinking person. I don’t think that BJ or Eric would get it, but you (and maybe Marie) might be able to survive.

  5. If having read all of Ayn Rand’s stuff – including Atlas Shrugged – qualifies me for survival, then I’ll do just fine.

  6. I might recommend you find all the edible plants around first and worry about meat later. But you’d probably laugh it off.
    For instance, clover has more protein than beans and more iron than spinach. Crab apples are, well, apples. Just not as sweet as the kind you typically buy.
    Acorns taste better and are easier for humans to digest once they’re cooked. Dandelions, an invasive species, are pretty good too, from root to flower edible and, dare I say, tasty.

    Once you figure out that knowing where the edible plants are growing, close to your camp so you’ll not have to expend too much labor hunting them, you’ll have a better “shot” at the animals. By the way, Paleo diets were more vegetable than meat. As it should be.
    And when you DO get game, remember that you could starve to death on a diet of straight rabbit and venison. Plenty of protein, sure, but you’ll need the fat when you eat that much protein.

    This might offend the sensibilities of the Carnivore Gourmets but you’ll have to eat the “gut pile” and the brains. Also the organ meat. I know the “eat what I shoot” types usually don’t mention that to you.

    The Cannibals are probably going to have guns too. Because so many people believe that having one will ensure that you’re not a victim. That’s why so many guns get stolen. And so many Stolen Guns get used in other crimes. I mean, you have to sometimes force yourself to think like a Predatory Humanoid… I know, being a lawyer might be a bit of a primer there, but people who commit non-Judicial crimes A LOT would probably be able to school you fairly quickly. For instance, the person coming after you intent on Armed Robbery and probably Murder, he probably has a lot more experience with his Stolen Guns than you have with yours. After all, he DID obtain them from people who thought that having a gun would make them safer.

    Good luck on that, though. They probably didn’t teach you any of that at any NRA meeting. Don’t forget: Vegetables more important than meat, because plants don’t run very fast, there’s a hell of a lot more of them and they actually draw the Herbivorous animals you would probably prefer to eat.

    Since bugs are a lot more plentiful than that, you might want to consider learning which ones are good eats and which ones not. Ants are Good Eats. You find a lot of them together in one place.
    Insects with stingers as their method for Not (usually) Getting Eaten are probably not poisonous. While you have time and before the Libertarians burn down close down the libraries, grab a book or two about it. Probably a lot more instructive than Ayn Rand about stuff like that.

    Also, shooting bugs usually just makes a mess, and makes a really loud noise. You know how in the Aleutians those honkin’ big bears, the Kodiaks, like a grizzly only all growed up, they know they’re not on the Yes, You Can Shoot list? They call them Dinner Bell Bears. They hear a gunshot and know somebody just offed a deer or moose, and come running.

    The cannibals will be like that too. They hear your shots. They hear when you run out of bullets too.

    Might I suggest a back-up plan like a bow and arrows, and slingshot? Since there’s really not that much Big game in the local woods, but plenty of Small game. Something that using a submachine gun on would be kind of wasteful. Like shooting ants. But slingshot ammo is easy to find, a lot easier than bullets. Making arrows is a learning curve, but a smart feller like you can manage the chore. And the same coordination of hand and eye that you need to hit something with gunfire is what you need for bows and slingshots.

    Plus when you take down ONE rabbit or squirrel with a slingshot or an arrow, you don’t scare the others away. You might even be able to score more than one.

    They’ll also most likely be around the edible plants, you find one, you find the other. Don’t neglect the salad course. It’ll save your life more often than a gun will. Make yourself a real survival plan.
    Oh, and avoiding the Cannibals is a lot better than confronting them. There’s a benefit to not looking at every other human as an enemy.

    If you’re going to read books about economic survival in a cashless society, there’s a series of pamphlets put out by Loompanics (defunct) and Paladin Press about how to form and maintain Anarcho-Syndicalist Communes. They document the success the Spanish and Greek Anarchists had surviving their respective and concurrent “civil” wars. And how the Greek and Serbian resistance groups not only survived but throve in defiance of the German Occupation.

    Maybe it’s a perspective you’d actually find useful.

  7. Jonah, I’m surprised to say this, but I couldn’t agree with you more. Everything you said here about survival mirrors my Army survival manual, actually written in the 1950’s. A bow and arrow will certainly come in handy, and rabbits and venison don’t have enough fat to supply necessary linoleic acid. Fresh veggies are an essential part of the paleo diet, which eschews the cheap empty carbs of that insane “food pyramid” created by the government (to enrich their agribusiness cronies in marketing all the useless grains, potatoes, rice and bread, perhaps, that have such huge profit potential?).

    And Marie, while Rand didn’t quite outline which bugs we could eat, her insistence on psycho-epistemological clarity will help those of us who do survive avoid the self-induced mental fog that allowed the governments to get us to this point, and give us a blueprint of how to build a new, rational world, where men can face one another proudly as voluntary traders, rather than as moochers and suckers.

  8. Caution with the endorsing of Wikileaks!

    Read the interesting pages (last piece has about the wikileaks question, including emails of people near Assage disgusted with his methods.

    Most troubling is the underlying suspicion that what Wikileaks was set to do from the beginning, despite the promises, was to acquire valuable documents to sell them to the highest bidder, only leaking those that had no real value.

    Manning himself could not have been an idealist as much as an accomplice (now abandoned by Assange).

    Don’t forget that Assange is a ex-con hacker who apparently values money a great deal.

  9. in which case the Army would simply buy them.
    Much the same way they buy Iraqi, Afghan, Pakistani, Yemeni and the latest: Colombian citizens.

    They would rightly figure that it’s cheaper, monetarily, to buy a prisoner from whichever of his Impoverished-by-“free”-Market-Capitalist slavery acquaintances gets desperate enough to take the bounty money… than to spend any time actually investigating, hunting down, having a REAL trial and REAL charges brought against the “target”. Same with the so-called “terrorists” in Colombia who rather than be Slaves for American Corporations, rebel and indulge in their OWN free trade.

    In a not-surprising development, the American Owned Colombian slave mineworkers, 50 of them, are left to rot. But to form a mine-workers union would get them labeled as “terrorists” by the “free” Market Corporate Übermenschen who control “their” government and “ours”.

    The only reason the Mine Owners are going to dig their corpses out of the mine is to make sure they can re-open the mine and make more Blood Money from it. While the ONLY groups working for real justice for workers in the region are rounded up and put on show-trial as “terrorists” or simply executed in the field while “trying to escape”

    And the fastest, cheapest way the Corporate Über-Regime has of murdering the “terrorists” is to have them “sold to the highest bidder”. Since the 5% of the population fortunate and predatory enough to rise to the position of Corporate Fat Cat control 95% of the wealth, that would leave any other bidders “out of the loop”.

    Same with any more videos of the Corporate Army committing Mass Murders.

    Given the propensity of the Corporate Army to simply murder anybody who opposes them, calling Wikileaks people “opportunists” would seem a little over the top. They are, in fact, facing up to the most powerful group on Earth.

    And that IS heroic.

  10. Agreed.

    And nonhocapito, your thesis bears an uncanny resemblance to the US document leaked which suggested potential strategies to discredit Wikileaks.

    With the widespread dissemination of “Collateral Murder” on top of their already numerous leaks, I’d say your theory is batting 0.

  11. @Brother Jonah and Eric: This is not “my theory”. I am not discussing the whole premise of Wikileaks, for which I root for. I am just cautioning with the taking of sides right now, because there are more possibilities to consider.

    The fact that “the army” would buy “them” proves little. Maybe Assange had documents *of* the U.S. army/intelligence he wanted to sell China or Israel, how about that? Now that would be less risky than trying to sell back to the U.S. documents just leaked from them, of which they already own the originals.

    It is not “the army” against the good guys, there are many parts involved. Maybe Assange pissed of the U.S. government for different reasons: not the leaking of a video, but for trying to sell on the black market highly classified documents. Not that I care for this in particular and the whole rotten secrecy of these rotten nations, but you understand that if this was true, Assange would not be that much of an hero.

    We should not just believe what the media tell us, right? This whole “The CIA wants Assange dead” is a headline item and nothing more. So maybe, it is just a cover-up. Truth is we don’t know the whole story and to characterize criticism as a discredit operation might as well be a preventive defense on Assange part, so that proves nothing in itself.

    Have you looked at those documents on Read all the four articles on Wired? Please do. My impression is that people inside Wikileaks are TRYING to get Wikileaks back from the hands of Assange to actually make it the useful tool it was supposed to be. I don’t know. What if they are right?

    I think if this was a discredit operations, “they” would not have cryptome doing it, they would have the mainstream media doing it. Unless I am missing something.

  12. The discrediting operations are very thorough, and encompass every corner of the “media” which are plural. (just not ordinarily used as a plural word, like “data”)

    A focus away from giving Wikileaks MORE play in the mainstream press would play against the Wikileaks strength, that they also aren’t Mainstream.

    Israel is basically a client or as many of the more cynical among us put it, “Puppet” of the Pentagon, much like the Puppet Regimes of Afghanistan and Iraq, and established just as violently. Selling to Israel would be equivalent to selling to the Pentagon.

    They, too, would have a vested interest in burying the story.

    China, sure, but number one they don’t have as much money as the Corporate Government does, their holdings are also tied strongly to the Puppet States and, they’re non-cash. They already put their cash into the accounts of the Corporate State.

    What they DO own, as opposed to the “Us” gov’t, is the mortgage on Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Back to Wikileaks, actually showing the video of the mass-murder would be (almost) superfluous. They’ve already shown the one Helicopter Hit Squad one, and the response from the Army and State Dept demonstrates the truth of it.

    As to pointing out that Assange has a “prior conviction”, right now so does Manning, because the Army convicted him in advance. Merely repeating that Assange has a “prior” that’s defined as a crime by the very Murderers he’s exposing, as though it would automatically convict is a tactic that even among the judges and prosecutors in the Corrupt “justice” System in America would rightly not be permitted in court as evidence.
    It only plays well with people who believe that “The Policeman is Always right” and attempting to use it to discredit THE REAL EVIDENCE, the emails, internal data from Army and State Dept sources, and of course The Videos, doesn’t actually disprove the REAL EVIDENCE.
    So far, Wikileaks is batting a thousand.

    The Army, by trying Manning off-shore (about as far off-shore as one can possibly get) in the Puppet Hereditary Dictatorship of Kuwait is reinforcing their case, but only in the eyes of the Knee Jerks. (I love a mixed metaphor like Eyes and Knees, by the way)

    If Assange actually surrenders to custody, even for questioning, that would be it for him. The Army could then hire an actor to portray him at any trial or other Public Appearance and the vast majority of Americans wouldn’t know the difference.

    Their own high-profile accomplices in the IraqiStan murder and robbery spree, like Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, have boasted they participated in fabricating “evidence” against Saddam Hussein but that it was somehow RIGHT to do so, and the people of America are still being fed the notion that Saddam Hussein “refused to (break for those who will only get their information from) give up his weapons (the brief synopsis offered in Google results) of mass destruction”.

    They even had a special on National Geographic and The History Channel about an FBI agent interrogating Saddam where the synopsis of the commercial teasers for the show were “he was making Saddam tell the Truth about his…” Non-existent and already for 8 years now PROVEN to be nonexistent WMDs.

    Not very subtle but now people in America, who should be used to this kind of manipulative CRAP by now, will say that the FBI actually got Saddam to admit guilt in the matter of WMDs. Even after Blair and Brown came out and publicly declared the real reason for the invasion and occupation was that Saddam refused to bow before their Empire.
    But still not admitting that it’s an outright robbery of not only Iraqi oil production but a leverage to intimidate other nations to “play ball” with the Oil Company Terrorists.

    Like the “prior conviction” rap, it’s working with enough people to keep the War going as long as the BigPigs can keep milking the old Cash Cow.

    Just not with everybody.

  13. I don’t imagine Assange to turn himself in… But I think it would be pretty easy for him to defuse the threats right now, by making *all the documents* in his possession available. But Wikileaks is dead silent.

    If the documents were out, no need to be killed anymore. It’s not like the agencies involved care for “revenge”, right?

    We hear that “he fears for his life”, and that’s it. What would you do if that was the case? As if any agency wouldn’t be able to trace and get rid of anyone they wanted if they wanted.

    I don’t know, I might be wrong, but to me there is a negotiation in progress.

  14. Not for Revenge, so much, but they do have a large amount of “Make an Example out of him” in their GENERAL makeup. There was another case, the first one tried under the so-called “Patriot” Act, Sherman Austin of

    A person who later testified for the prosecution posted a diagram for a crude pipe bomb on the comments pages of Raise The Fist!
    A diagram copied from Time Magazine. Not a defense, sayeth the Judge.
    The Military are blatantly allowing War Crimes to go unpunished, with the assistance of the so-called “justice” department, a Marine who tortured prisoners in Iraq was just set free this past week at Camp Pendleton. The Blackwater Murder Squad who offed 17 Iraqi civilians then claimed, falsely, that the Iraqis had fired on them. Acquitted. Mistrial actually, but that’s just a technical term for “The coward murdering jackals got away with it”.
    The Bush-appointed so-called Prosecutor deliberately threw the almost iron-clad case.

    I don’t think any entity involved in that kind of cover-up activity could be trusted to negotiate in good faith. They do, remember, Kill People to earn their beans and cornbread. In this case they murdered 120 civilians mostly children. I don’t think they’ll be wanting any evidence of that ever coming to light.

    As for the quarter of a million e-mails and cables, what if Assange really doesn’t have them? Remember, these are the SAME bastards who “negotiated” with Saddam Hussein over the million pounds of non-existent nerve gas. If they were to, say, accuse Mr Assange of holding back on them, it would be in their perverted Torture Freak definition HIS responsibility to prove a negative. Prove to people who know damned well there’s no way to do so and KILLED people, lots of them, over the nonexistent WMDs. Two of their major accomplices, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, admitted, nay verily, BOASTED that they knew beforehand that there no WMDs but that it didn’t matter, Saddam Hussein defied their “authority” to rule the world in any manner they choose so he had to die.

    None of their Killer Kartel are actually in jail anywhere, and they’ve already declared the very act of publishing facts that run contrary to their lies to be “treason” and punishable under the so-called “Patriot” act… even people not in American territory.

    It would be like negotiating with a rattlesnake.

  15. That’s what I was thinking myself, since negotiating is another way to cave: IF there is a negotiation, Assange would certainly NOT be the hero, but just another human being fighting with his bad choices.

    It’s true, if he doesn’t have any other document withheld he is being framed real good. But then again, are those who post on cryptome about wikileaks professional liars? Is Young so naive? or colluded?

    But I get what you are saying. I am open to the idea that you are right about Assange. As a matter of fact it would be a relief if you would. So thanks for this doubt.

    (Also I didn’t know the story of Sherman Austin. Thanks for yet another heads up.)

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