Police frameup derails

The cops tried to frame up some prisoners and their scheme came unraveled. US drops charges against 5 Guantanamo captives

1 thought on “Police frameup derails

  1. Yeah, unfortunately… even though the charges have been dropped, the victims aren’t being released. They’re going to be detained at Gitmo (and of course tortured by the Real American Heroes working there) indefinitely.

    And the Arrogant Ones say they can re-file the charges at any time, because their interpretation of the Constitution and Common Law and Double Jeopardy is “Stop waving that (constitution) in my face, it’s just a God-damned piece of Paper!”

    For the inevitable Pro-war trolls who are going to insist that the Torture Freaks at Guantanamo are defending ME, who’s going to defend us from your Comrade Heroes when they get kicked out of every civilized nation on the planet and are left with only torturing Americans?

    Once their supply of Foreign Victims dries up that is…

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