Rogue monkeys for Ralph Nader!

Even Zippy the Monkey’s friends and family have turned on him. I hear Spurious George was the butt of many jokes at the recent family reunion in Kennebunkport.
Could Ralph Nader be the Man in the Yellow Hat, come to take George away?

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  1. Avatar Dee Lindner SockMonkeyLady says:

    A google search at 6:00 p.m. central time on 12-28-13 under the words ‘sock monkey,’ under images, pulled up a mass monkey photographic image of mine which is linked to your web-site Please be advised that I am the photographer and owner of this image and it is copyrighted by me. This is a formal request that you remove and stop the usage of this image, as I have not given permission for the use of this image and I withhold permission. Please advise when proper action has been taken. I appreciate your attentiveness to this matter.


    Dee Lindner

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