Walden Pond is goin’ green

This year I’ve resolved to be a better Earth citizen. Last night I watched The Story of Stuff. It’s a digital video making its way around the internet and it elucidates clearly the materials economy, from natural resource inputs to consumer consumption and, finally, to waste landfills and garbage incinerators. It is truly disheartening to see what we are doing to the planet. There is no question that things better change, and soon. The earth can’t sustain our never-ending demands much longer.
Today I read that 13% of home energy bills go toward heating water. To make some headway on our resolution to be eco-conscientious, I presented a couple of options to my kids. We could commit to taking shorter and cooler showers. Or we could economize in the way my mother did while my dad was in Viet Nam and she was left home alone to care for 5 young children.

green bathtub
My daughter just came upstairs, post shower, with blue lips and goosebumps galore. I think I have my answer.

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