Why is Dale Barlow free?

Why is Dale Barlow free? He is the guy accused of sex with a minor. The total of kids taken into custody in Eldorado, Texas now stands at 417, yet Dale Barlow is free!

Does that make any sense? Apparently to Republican Judge Barbara Walther, Republican Governor Rick Perry, and Republican President George ‘Dummie’ Bush, it does. Remember? These are the people that made torture legal under national law, even if it’s not considered so in international courts. We got some real legal geniuses at work here! Now don’t we though?

Still waiting for the national outcry as I am…. ? Apparently we are into the longest night and people are still sleeping….? One really must be kind of contemptuous of the American people as a whole at this point. Just what does it take to wake them up?

Here is the latest info about Dale Barlow, who apparently is still not under custody living in Arizona.

taken from the Houston Chronicle at 7PM MT 4/8/2008
….Still missing is the 16-year-old whose phone call complaining of having an 8-month-old baby fathered by a 50-year-old man sparked the massive raid.

The alleged father, identified by a search warrant as Dale Barlow, has been interviewed by deputies with the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office at his northwest Arizona home, department spokeswoman Trish Carter confirmed on Monday.

Carter would not elaborate on the encounter, but, according to the Salt Lake Tribune, deputies collected a sample of Barlow’s DNA and a list of people living at his house.

“‘At this time, our contact with Mr. Barlow is complete,” Carter said. “We have not been informed of a warrant or any more information being sought.”………

Well, isn’t that sweet? They have no evidence of anything yet! They cannot even make the arrest of the principle person accused of the only alleged crime! And, it seems, he’s not even living in the state where the judge took actions involving hundreds upon hundreds of people! They have not located the alleged victim either! This is certainly our legal and law enforcement systems at their finest, is it not?

You might want to telephone the Republican Judge who put 417 kids into foster control, and ask her,

‘Where did you study law?’

Honorable Barbara L. Walther (R)
State District Judge (Irion)
Term Ends: 12-31-2008
District: 51
Contact and Phone Numbers
(915) 659-6571

1 thought on “Why is Dale Barlow free?

  1. Quite simply, they have no complainant, just hearsay from an anonymous phone call by an alleged teen mother:

    [April 09 2008] Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Over The Top In Texas (Because Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Police States) – 400+ Parents And Children Detained By Federal & Texas Authorities On Hearsay Of Child Abuse

    The Protestants in the community surrounding this LDS group probably prefer wife-swapping… Which is a GREAT way for your child to make contact with sex addicts and child rapist/murderers, as illustrated in a case from San Diego a few years back.

    They found THAT child dead after the kidnapping by someone the parents had been ‘swinging’ with.

    At least they were socially upwardly-mobile… Unlike the Latter Day Saints group in Texas which spurns consumerism along with many other ‘normal’ facets of Amerikkkan society.

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