A bird in the hand is worth health care and a climate consensus in the bush

Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. It’s better than nothing. We’re getting it from all direction now, from Copenhagen to the health care bill. The message is delivered by experienced elder statesmen whose benevolence we do not question because they are retired and have no horse in the race -yet they have access to the halls of power where real stakeholders are denied? Silver hair and silver tongues pitch: “Those who say a bad deal is better than no deal are dead wrong.” You’re kidding me Grandpa.

And what’s this for a perverted adage: “One step forward is better than two steps back?”

I’m seeing Obama being praised for revising his schedule to get to Copenhagen on the last day, for knowing how late is fashionable when the party’s a dud. But that’s not a leader. Obama could have given life to the party, instead he ops to give the Gettysburg Address.

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  1. Or, hosted the party in New Orleans, threatened by every change of the Climate-altered Winds coming off the Gulf, that the “repaired” levees might fail again…

    Or hosted the party in Dallas which had more than a hundred consecutive days of temperatures over One Hundred. (That analogy only works in America, the rest of the world use a REAL temperature measurement called “Celsius”) and a drought that caused a huge loss to the Texas Agricultural output, which taken independently of the rest of the United States, would still be more wealth than most of the nations of the world boast.

    That would have been hugely symbolic.

    Maybe in Los Angeles. same basic story.

    The Republican governors of Texas and Louisiana are firmly in the pockets of the Oil and Coal companies, though, and will spew whatever lies their corporate masters tell them need be said.

    But Governor Perry would have to tell people from The Rest of The World, to their FACES, that the devastation caused to their nations isn’t the fault of his Oil-Pig masters.

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