Act Blue is not going to stop Joe Wilson

Republican representative in the HouseProgressive websites are raising money to defeat GOP Tourette’s poster child Joe Wilson in the next election. Is it going to work? No. You can’t stop populist assholes like Wilson, or Vitter, or Delay, or Gingrich, or Lieberman, can you? Incumbent embarrassments have legions of loyal constituents. That’s who you have to stop. If you want to stop Wilson you have to insist the South Carolina prosecutor’s office isn’t dropping charges of domestic violence, disorderly conduct, child truancy, poaching, littering, lying about sales use tax, and loitering at nursing homes trying to register voters. Shroud that crowd in red tape and Joe Wilson’s base will head for the hills.

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5 Responses to Act Blue is not going to stop Joe Wilson

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    ‘Progressives’ for Rob Miller, a Democrat? Hardly. There simply is nothing progressive about supporting the Anybody but a Republican dead ended mindset and I’m sorry to see you engaging in that act, Eric. This has become the formula for total disaster time and time again and obsessing about Joe Wilson is simply the same limited stupld line of the stupid Democratic Party tied liberal as always before. Anybody but Bush becomes Anybody but Sarah Palin becomes Anybody but Joe Wilson becomes Nobody but another Lame Democratic Party Centrist Hack in Office… if even so much as that? It;s always an Anybody Butt Democrat in office being promoted.

    Oh, did I mention how stupid this makes the DP liberal look? Losers all…..

  2. Avatar Jon says:

    Well. I can see that there is no point visiting this website again. This author is clearly silly in the head.

    Why would you want to just label everyone who disagrees with you?

    Do us all a favor and be quiet.

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Jon, don’t you Right Wingers ever have anything real to say in your posts? It seems that it is always just an empty personal insult with you people? What gives?

  4. His Kommandante at the local Militia has him reading Web Sites.

  5. They can’t afford a Free Spam Gun.

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