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American medical facilities are spreading more dangerous runs of infectious diarrhea into the community

diarrheaMom, your kid has just come down with the Runs-from-Hell and you are without medical insurance, so what do you do? He needs hospitalization, but incredibly enough, it was probably hospitalization of Junior’s aunt that gave him what he has in the first place! Your kid picked up C-diff, an infectious diarrhea, during his visit to her in the hospital!

Diarrhea bacteria common in hospitals: survey

According to the the American Journal of Infection Control,

“Antibiotics don’t kill it and most germicides used for environmental cleaning don’t kill it. Only bleach does,” and by the time patients are diagnosed, they have had a day or two to contaminate their rooms and everyone who has had contact with them.

This study gives a really low undercount of this problem, too, since most facilities are not doing the testing and do not have the awareness about this disease that they should have. One big cause of the problem is the simple misappropriation of funds away from hiring enough nursing assistants to do decent care of the elderly in US hospitals and nursing homes. The money flows to the top reaches into the hands of people who do little to no actual hands-on work caring for the elderly and sick. I’m talking about insurance companies and all the administrative layers they create to pilfer funds away from the actual care givers themselves.

No right to just die

America throws its disregarded into places like Guantanamo and the neighborhood nursing home. There in these places there is no right to just die, because instead you must be fed!

The Torture Drawings the Pentagon Doesn’t Want You to See has drawings that focus on the insertion of the naso-gastric tube through the nostrils to force feed the POWs. The ‘medical’ becomes the monster. John McCain, how do you feel about that? Dick Cheney, how ’bout you, Tough Guy?

In America’s nursing homes not only must you eat, but you must show your happiness, too. There is no right to be depressed, nor a right to not eat. There the poor are honored to be given ‘positions’, where they help feed the very elderly…. the elderly who no longer want to eat.

Why not? Why don’t they want to eat? Is it a sign of their ‘illness’, or a sign that living a lifetime in America is just so depressing that one is simply just ready to check out? God Bless America.