Act Blue is not going to stop Joe Wilson

Republican representative in the HouseProgressive websites are raising money to defeat GOP Tourette’s poster child Joe Wilson in the next election. Is it going to work? No. You can’t stop populist assholes like Wilson, or Vitter, or Delay, or Gingrich, or Lieberman, can you? Incumbent embarrassments have legions of loyal constituents. That’s who you have to stop. If you want to stop Wilson you have to insist the South Carolina prosecutor’s office isn’t dropping charges of domestic violence, disorderly conduct, child truancy, poaching, littering, lying about sales use tax, and loitering at nursing homes trying to register voters. Shroud that crowd in red tape and Joe Wilson’s base will head for the hills.

American medical facilities are spreading more dangerous runs of infectious diarrhea into the community

diarrheaMom, your kid has just come down with the Runs-from-Hell and you are without medical insurance, so what do you do? He needs hospitalization, but incredibly enough, it was probably hospitalization of Junior’s aunt that gave him what he has in the first place! Your kid picked up C-diff, an infectious diarrhea, during his visit to her in the hospital!

Diarrhea bacteria common in hospitals: survey

According to the the American Journal of Infection Control,

“Antibiotics don’t kill it and most germicides used for environmental cleaning don’t kill it. Only bleach does,” and by the time patients are diagnosed, they have had a day or two to contaminate their rooms and everyone who has had contact with them.

This study gives a really low undercount of this problem, too, since most facilities are not doing the testing and do not have the awareness about this disease that they should have. One big cause of the problem is the simple misappropriation of funds away from hiring enough nursing assistants to do decent care of the elderly in US hospitals and nursing homes. The money flows to the top reaches into the hands of people who do little to no actual hands-on work caring for the elderly and sick. I’m talking about insurance companies and all the administrative layers they create to pilfer funds away from the actual care givers themselves.

No right to just die

America throws its disregarded into places like Guantanamo and the neighborhood nursing home. There in these places there is no right to just die, because instead you must be fed!

The Torture Drawings the Pentagon Doesn’t Want You to See has drawings that focus on the insertion of the naso-gastric tube through the nostrils to force feed the POWs. The ‘medical’ becomes the monster. John McCain, how do you feel about that? Dick Cheney, how ’bout you, Tough Guy?

In America’s nursing homes not only must you eat, but you must show your happiness, too. There is no right to be depressed, nor a right to not eat. There the poor are honored to be given ‘positions’, where they help feed the very elderly…. the elderly who no longer want to eat.

Why not? Why don’t they want to eat? Is it a sign of their ‘illness’, or a sign that living a lifetime in America is just so depressing that one is simply just ready to check out? God Bless America.

New Year’s Day predictions and the chiselers

When The First rolled in, I studiously avoided making any New Years Predictions. After having predicted that we were weeks away from the US attacking Iran, that we were heading above $3/ gallon gas to $5 a gallon, and that the economy was crashing within days, I decided to temporarily set aside my ‘The End is Here’ sign. Was I right to do so?

Not really. Not only is the US economy crashing but the US economy is helping crash the entire world’s economy. Behind the crash is the rampant corruption of the US military-fed business community. These welfare chiselers are followed closely by insurance chiselers, real estate chiselers, and politician led government chiselers. The rich leading the US are corrupt, and their corruption is now running rampant even into and among the lower classes. With ‘leaders’ like the business community has been allowed to force upon us, we are now swimming in a sea of economic corruption at every level.

Everywhere we go we see people working to provide poor services for us. Restaurants and grocery stores provide us with crap to eat. Hospitals and nursing homes provide us disease instead of health. Military and police make us more insecure, not more secure. Transportation companies build roads not needed, deliver vehicles not needed, and guzzle precious and declining amounts of fuels to drive us around in circles. Our phones ring constantly with unsolicited messages to buy, buy, buy. Our TVs do the same. Our newspapers deliver us mounds of trash to buy, buy, buy, but what???

We are going down, because we are ruled by chiselers. That’s my New Years Prediction.

US preventable deaths can be prevented

The US leads the industrialized world in killing off its own citizens via its idiotic health miss system. France best, U.S. worst in preventable death ranking That’s right. We lose about 101,000 Fellow Americans per year by allowing our corporations to fuck up health care delivery. And you know what? That is a severe undercount.

So do you really still think that this is the best health care system in the world? Then I’d like to sell you some land in the state of Lousyanna. Why do we allow so many preventable deaths at such a high cost? Don’t we care about things like our aging relatives in the nursing homes, for example? Or our kids that need a doctor or dentist but whose parents have no access to get it for them? Don’t we give a damn?

These preventable deaths can be prevented from happening. All we have to do is look at what other countries are doing right, and then copy them. America is no pace setter in the medical field any more at all. Cuba is. But to be real, all countries in the industrialized world deliver health care more responsibly and efficiently than the US does.

C. Diff epidemic is being spread by for-profit medical facilities

C. Diff: New Threat From Old Bug /// Epidemic Gut Infection Causing Rapid Rise in Life-Threatening Disease But how and why is this bug killing people?

Fact is, it is spreading because nursing staff is rushed and overworked and the conditions in nursing homes and hospitals are way too nasty because of that. Our for profit medical system is always trying to squeeze out the maximum work from the fewest number of people they can hold down the fort with. That’s how companies make their profits. But now, these practices are spreading super bugs that are killing more and more of the people who come to medical facilities to get care.

In the US, nobody is even writing about this spreading epidemic yet. It is not on the media’s radar screens. But here is a British report about the situation titled Hospital bug deaths ‘scandalous’ Yes they are indeed. And even more scandalous is the lack of scandal about this problem in the US. There are some bleak days ahead as this planet heads down into ecological collapse.

Their ‘Free enterprise’ hellholes for our elderly

When ‘free enterprise’ doesn’t want to provide a social service it melts it down first. In the case of America’s nursing homes…

…the corporate sector uses its control over the federal government to create a regulatory system and funding system completely full of any and all holes possible.

Then it promptly sets out to loot the system it has set in place, all the while blaming the horrors taking place on the legal system and government agencies which are totally guided by them in the first place.

See the New York Times article today More Profit Less Nursing at Many Homes to catch a glimpse of this process at work.

Who loses besides the patients? That list is a long one. It includes family members, tax payers, and the workers caring for the elderly while the government and corporate administrators sabotage their care giving in every way imaginable. All come out losers excerpt the owners of the nursing home chains. They make their money at any rate.

Imagine how it hurts to work in such a hellhole? It breaks your back, your heart, and your soul. You are bossed around by people who don”t care either for you, or the elderly and infirm you are caring for. All the while, the lower level administrative bosses slime false ‘concern’ for your supposed lack of doing the proper job they have sabotaged you from doing. They slime false concern for the sick and infirm, all the while continually ignoring their most basic needs.

No amount of hypocrisy is beyond the government regulatory staff and the corporate hacks that run this business. There must be a special place in Hell for them. They have a total moral vacuum inside themselves. Their paychecks depend on doing less and getting more profit squeezed out for the big wigs by doing as they do.

One thing to remember, too, is simply that the corporate government and their bosses, the corporations themselves don’t want to deliver any care at all. All care given subtracts from their profits since it is expensive. Just like how they often try to squeeze wages and benefits to the point of total disappearance, they do the same to the actual service they contract to provide. In doing so, the ‘free enterprise system’ creates hellholes for America’s elderly, and these hellholes now pockmark our landscape just like the military bases and prisons do. They are dull ugly spots most people try to ignore as they pass by.

Capitalism is not an efficient system. In its production of products it turns out gobs of garbage and scrap. In its production of services, it does even worse. It makes scrap out of live human beings.

You need care for your family member or yourself, but unfortunately you just get a false phony smile and a knife in the back while looking for that care. You want to believe…. Yet you find the elderly going down an assembly line to death, illness, and scrap. Corporations have turned the downward process of aging into a torture of the aged. It doesn’t have to be this way, but this is often what there is.