Cheney says torture necessary to prevent attack.

Maybe he’ll die a fitting death, LIKE IF…
his pacemaker freaks out and causes him painfully violent spasms for several days after masturbating to the Torture Videos.
That’s the most likely scenario, his own Freakish Insane Perversion doing what the so-called “Justice Department” refuse to do.

What would be really cool would be to obtain the videos of THAT and sell copies to our Troll Friends.

I could become filthy stinkin’ rich,

As opposed to, you know, being merely filthy and stinkin’.

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Brother Jonah

About Brother Jonah

Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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43 Responses to Cheney says torture necessary to prevent attack.

  1. Avatar Andrew Schiffman says:

    You really might want to delete your post about Cheney, which could be interpreted by the FBI as threatening. Just some much-needed advice.

  2. Avatar jonah says:

    A threat?
    Then allow me to clarify, Troll…
    A threat would involve me either making a statement of intent to harm him or urging any other person to take actions resulting in his harm.

    Merely advising him that jacking off to the torture videos is really bad for his health is NOT A THREAT.

    Include that statement in your report to your Pig Masters.

    His own bad habits will do him in, Nobody has to lift a finger to harm his stupid ass.
    Is that clarification enough for you, Pig-Sucker?

    Mene, Mene, Tek-el U-Pharsin.

    Maybe you should read it again. Torture Freaks, like other forms of Cowards, run in packs.

    I’ve noticed that, have you?

  3. Avatar Andrew Schiffman says:

    Just sayin’, you don’t want the FBI to come a knocking on your door.

  4. The FBI has come knockin’ on my door Bitch.

    If they do I’ll just know this time who it was that sicked them on me.

    If you feel so strongly about it, why don’t YOU come knocking on my door?

    You’ll have to bring back-up though.

  5. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Calm down, Brother Jonah. What Andrew doesn’t quite see that well is that there are millions of Americans that have been subjected to some form of torture by the police, whether over brief or long periods of time. Those folk can become quite sensitive when discussing the issue, unlike say Glenn Beck or Dick Cheney.

    Andrew, how many folk have the Israeli police and military used torture on over the years? Think that might have something to do with why Hamas is so intransigent about continuing to resist? Torture does work, if you want to create permanent enemies, doesn’t it, Andrew?

  6. Avatar Andrew Schiffman says:

    “The FBI has come knockin’ on my door Bitch.

    If they do I’ll just know this time who it was that sicked them on me.

    If you feel so strongly about it, why don’t YOU come knocking on my door?

    You’ll have to bring back-up though.”

    Why am I not surprised the FBI has already visited you. As for sicking (sic) the FBI on you, not to worry, I wouldn’t want to alarm your parents, who might ground you and take awayyour Internet access. As for me needing “back up”, junior, my pet cat is sufficient back.

  7. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Andrew, aren’t you going to defend Israel’s use of torture now?

  8. Avatar jonah says:

    There’s a chunk of code you might enjoy you use the left arrow “” at the beginning of the text you’re attempting to quote for whatever reason.

    Then you do the same thing but you put a leading backslash “/” the word blockquote in between the left arrow “””

    so it comes out something like this

    I know you can’t read very fast so I typed this very slowly

  9. Avatar jonah says:

    Now that you’ve received a free absolutely no cost to you lesson in how to properly use a keyboard, allow me to ask you a question.

    Which I’ll do anyway without your permission being necessary.

    Since you apparently do know how to use the internet, being a troll and all, and seem so concerned that your pig heroes might be able to somehow gain the ability to find their ass with both hands, or something similar… and are Really Concerned about threats to public officials, even ones which unlike mine Actually Exist somewhere besides in your head…

    Is there any evidence that you actually expressed any sort of disapproval when the Fumbling Bureaucratic Idiots and the Secret Service intercepted two SkinHead Neo-Nazis who were rolling toward Denver during the DNC with automatic weapons and higher than Hell on methamphetamine and had the plan to shoot then-candidate Barack Obama.

    You might, if you put down the crack pipe long enough, notice that the question didn’t end with a “?” but with a period –>”.”.

    And did you really ever write one sentence criticizing the FBI or pointing out the very obvious fact that these two Nazi Freaks, also republicans like you, actually were a very strong threat to the life of a presidential candidate.<–Another period.

    I don’t think you did.

    I did on this very forum.

  10. Avatar jonah says:

    another quote, from another citizen who is also critical of Mr Cheney and the rest of the Torture Freaks

    Cheney and his ilk will never understand that Islam hates for what we do, not who we are. He has typical, conservative arrogance, that feels we are infallible and can act with impunity. He probably hopes we’re attacked to validate his twisted beliefs. He’s one of those cold warriors whose disappointed we didn’t get to use the strategic arsenel against the Soviets.

    The guy is Not a troll and, although I haven’t asked him yet, I think he has some sort of pain in at least one of his hands that causes him to not type as accurately as I do.

    He is also a very intelligent person.

  11. Avatar Ronald Goff says:

    “pig heroes ”

    When you make such crude and inappropriate references to people, then you demean yourself and lose all credibility. I won’t elevate you with a response.

  12. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Apparently ‘Don Ronald’ is too high Fulton to defend its torture machine that calls itself the ‘Jewish State? He ‘won’t elevate’ us with his usual reflexive action.

    What’s wrong, ‘Don Ronald’, too touchy a subject for you? You think that the US public is too ignorant to actually know where the Cheney-Bush Klan actually went to to get their torture manuals?

    Well, not no more they aren’t. People even in the US are beginning finally to figure what you’re all about, and it is not anything to do with defending the Jewish people, but just instead turning the Jewish people into what they formerly despised. Your secular ‘Jewish State’ has nothing to do with historical Judaism, but instead is just a Loot, Plunder, and Maim operation.

  13. Avatar Don says:

    Tony Logan,

    Israel banned torture in 1999.

    Due process for detainees in Israel also differs from the approach taken by the U.S. in several ways:

    1. Each detainee must have a hearing within 14 days of detention.

    2. Each detainee must have counsel within 34 days of detention.

    3. An independent judge has the authority to review the detention.

    4. The judge must reach a decision whether the detainee poses a threat to Israel’s security. If the conclusion is positive, the detainee is held; if not, he or she must be released.

  14. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I’ll be Damned! You are actually foolish enough to try to pretend that Israel doesn’t use torture on its jailed Palestinians! Oh my God! There is no lie on earth that you will not try to present to us, Internet Megaphone Guy!

  15. Avatar Don says:

    Tony Logan,

    Simply making allegations does not prove that the alleged act took place. Can you cite any specific court cases where it was found that torture took place deliberately and with the Government of Israel’s sanction?

  16. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Ha-ha-ha… The lawyer guy is back again!

  17. Avatar Don says:

    Tony Logan,

    You are evading the issue. You are doing so precisely because you cannot substantiate your allegation that Israel continued to torture people following its 1999 ban.

  18. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    The Judge ain’t buying it, Lawyer Man. You’re going to Hell!

  19. Avatar jonah says:

    Allegedly the Pigs in America respect the rights of detainees.


    Allegedly the Colorado Springs PIG who had the chokehold and the enhanced pain Thumb-under-the-ear didn’t actually do it, according to the Pigs.

    Trouble with that is, the Pigs are the ones who get to say what torture is, the Pigs get to say whether or not their Fellow Pigs went beyond the boundaries.

    And Coward “Good Citizens” don’t challeng their COWARD TORTURE FREAK PIG HEROES when the COWARD TORTURE FREAK PIG HEROES do what comes naturally to them and Lie Their COWARD TORTURE FREAK PIG HERO ASSES OFF.

    As long as they have Tame Bootlicking Subjects like Don and Ron and whatever other names the trolls use to back them up.

    When you support and defend the War Criminals you’re every bit as guilty of their war crimes as if you yourself pulled the trigger on a Palestinian Kid.

    Don, Ronald, Other Trolls, I might be wrong but I’ll take that chance, you seem to be the type of Cowards who don’t ever question the so-called “Authorities” and it’s coward pukes like you who enable the Dictators to continue.

    Alle Sieg Heil am Der Überfuhrer Dick Cheney! Heil! Heil! Heil!

    Alle Sieg Heil am Der LagerKapo Don! Heil! Heil! Heil!

    Alle Sieg Heil am der LagerKapo Ronald! Heil! Heil! Heil!

  20. Avatar jonah says:

    In case you somehow missed the references, the LagerKapos were Prisoners in the concentration camps who collaborated with their Gestapo and SchutzStaffel Masters, all for an extra ration of sawdust bread and grass “tea”, and the privilege of being the last ones into the ovens.

    Torture Regime pricks like Cheney need Willing Slaves to help keep the others in line.

  21. Avatar Don says:


    I have not defended any war criminals.

  22. Avatar jonah says:

    oh yeah, Alle Sieg Heil am Der UnterFuhrer Benjamin Netanyahu! Heil! Heil! Heil!

  23. Avatar Don says:

    Tony Logan,

    It is already abundantly clear that you have nothing with which to back your claim of Israeli torture after 1999.

  24. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    That’s probably because you haven’t gone to trial, ‘Don’.

  25. Avatar jonah says:

    By THEIR accounts the people you defended aren’t War Criminals.

    Not like Murderers and Torturers will actually plead guilty to it, now is it?

  26. Avatar Don says:


    You are presenting yourself as anti-semitic in your characterization of Mr. Netanyahu. Is that the perception you want to create?

  27. Avatar Don says:

    More evasion, Tony.

  28. Avatar Tony Logan says:


  29. Avatar jonah says:

    According to the CSPD they don’t beat up on prisoners, and don’t beat up and arrest elderly and disabled people for exercising their RIGHT to free speech.

    The ACLU and the people who are willing to put our lives on the line to defy YOUR dictatorship, and its Puppet Regimes like the CSPD and IDF, WE are the ones who guarantee the continuance of freedom in America and anywhere else.

    Not the Pig-Loving Sucks who believe everything the Torture Regime tells them.

  30. Avatar Don says:


    You’re going off on a tangent. Where have I mentioned or questioned the ACLU. If anything, the deliberate dissemination of disinformation and intolerance of information that addresses that disinformation is compatible with dictatorship.

  31. Avatar jonah says:

    Netanyahu is Anti-Semitic.

    The people he has Killed and Tortured are every bit as much Israel as he is.

    Does “Strict Obedience To The Emperor” make you a “good citizen” or a Patriot?

    I think it just makes you a traitor to the people.

    Netanyahu is willing to sell his Judaism for money. Does that make him a Good Person?

    Dissent is far more patriotic than Blind Obedience.

    The German people at least learned that much.

  32. Avatar jonah says:

    Your fellow Troll did mention the ACLU.

    Apparently he is perfectly comfortable dealing with the notion of being a Vassal instead of a Citizen.

  33. Avatar Don says:


    Mr. Netanyahu has not deliberately authorized the purposeful killing of innocent persons. You are making blind accusations, literally splashing words across the screen simply hoping something will stick.

  34. Avatar jonah says:


    Since about half of those acknowledged by the IDF who were killed by the IDF under his command were children, killed under his authorization, that means he Authorized The Killing Of Civilians, and specifically Children.

    I compared to a LagerKapo because he behaves like a LagerKapo.

    He does not speak for all of Israel, or all of Judah, or even all of the Knesset.

    He shames the names of all he claims to represent with the War Crimes committed under his command.

    His OWN NEPHEW is one of Israels most prominent Political Prisoners.

    For refusing to obey Uncle Ben’s orders.

    B,N. doesn’t represent all of Judaism the same way the Apostate False Prophets Bush and Palin don’t speak for all Christians nor for all Americans.

    If a Jew behaves like a Nazi I will be God-Damned, literally, if I bowed to False Religiosity or False Patriotism and refrain from pointing out that he disgraces himself and any who follow after his Blasphemy.

    Blind Obedience of so-called “leaders” is a form of pure cowardice.

    Some would say “I’m sorry, but I just can’t agree with that” but you know what?

    I’m Not Sorry and I Will NOT start, populate or end a sentence with such an apology.

    Richard Cheney at least doesn’t pretend to be a Christian the way Netanyahu pretends to be a Jew.

    He has the bloodline of Israel but then again, so do the Palestinians.

    Not just Abraham, not just the other Hebrew patriarch Lot, But ISRAEL.

    Most of the people in the Conquered Territories were born there AFTER the state of Israel conquered them.

    They’re neither given statehood nor citizenship within Israel.

    They’re even told that because they defied the Israeli “authorities” by electing officials who are disapproved by Tel Aviv and their Puppet Masters in Washington,

    The IDF Imperial Proxy StormTroopers get to deny them the right to even buy foodstuffs and Medicines unless they bow down and lick the IDF Boots.

    That is behaving exactly as the Nazis did when they occupied Warsaw and imprisoned the Jews of Warsaw within the Ghetto.

    WE owe not one shred of apology for pointing out that the Knesset is behaving exactly like the Nazis.

    The Knesset owes every Jew, every Arab, Every Christian EveryBODY in the entire world an apology for behaving like the Nazis.

    The very names Judah and Israel invoke titles assigned to God.

    By doing such shameful things in the name of God they take the Name of God In Vain.

    One of Gods Top Ten No-nos.

    God did not create us merely to be vassals of political tyranny.

    If we fail to live up to our duty to resist Tyranny, even if the Tyrants claim to be Jews or claim to be Christian then we fail God.

    A lot of the people who post to this site are at best indifferent to that concept. That is their right and if they’re going to fight for righteousness without acknowledging God, then they’re (Dig This!) Still Fighting For Righteousness…

    A lot of people who are using the Megaphone to try to suppress any dissenting opinion are also indifferent to the concept of obeying God instead of their blasphemous Kings…

    But still hide their shameful behavior behind the names Christian and Judah.

    The Flooding Attack is just that, an Attack, and ordered if not actually orchestrated by the Israeli “defense” Force.

    And one of the Trolls has the Pseudo-Balls to complain about free speech.

    It’s NOT free, you know, Eric PAYS cash money for this site and the hosting thereof.

    If the Trolls want to whine about somebody else not wanting to provide you with an outlet for spreading your propaganda then you’ll just have to do your whining.

    There are plenty of websites actually PAID BY AIPAC for that purpose.

    This isn’t one of them.

    AIPAC isn’t paying the bills and neither are YOU.

    You DON’T have an absolute right to flood every website that opposes your Tin-Plated Dictators.

  35. Avatar Don says:


    You need to have evidence of orders. You simply cannot assume in the absence of supporting evidence that there was intent to kill children.

    Also, with respect to this site, it allows readers to add comments. If the site changes that policy, those who run the site have the authority to do so.

  36. The Pig-sucking LagerKapo wrote:


    You need to have evidence of orders. You simply cannot assume in the absence of supporting evidence that there was intent to kill children.

    Also, with respect to this site, it allows readers to add comments. If the site changes that policy, those who run the site have the authority to do so

    Did you have any such evidence that the daughters, niece and other relatives of the Palestinian DOCTOR killed by the IDF were actually Terrorists?

    Or that the ghost of Saddam Hussein has 500 metric Tonnes of WMDs hidden out in the deserts of Iraq and Syria?

    Of course you don’t.

    Dick Cheney, you remember him, right? The thread was about his cowardly ordering of Torture not just of Foreign “enemies” defined by the Pig Heroes of Homeland Security and the IDF and other Slave-Mentality Vassals of the Cheney-Bush Regime.

    And what “Evidence” other than Their Word is there that the PEOPLE in Guantanamo and the similar Israeli “pleasure dungeons” are actually guilty of anything?

    Do you have a bunch of the torture videos in your /home/Don/Desktop/Porn folder.<-another period.

    Because you Torture and Murder supporters haven’t proven a single Damned one of YOUR asinine charges concerning the victims of YOUR Regime.

    Yet you and that Jack Goff Troll continue to question OUR sanity or morality for pointing that out.

    Kiss my left …knee…, troll.

  37. WE “need” to provide evidence, other than the stated intent of the CheneyBush Regime AND their Puppets in the Knesset…

    Yeah, right.

  38. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Soldiers’ mother: Stop Gaza doctor’s propaganda
    Jonah asks the Internet Megaphone, ‘Did you have any such evidence that the daughters, niece and other relatives of the Palestinian DOCTOR killed by the IDF were actually Terrorists?’

    Here is more of like ilk from these Internet Megaphne types….

    From Israeli news coverage….. Confrontation at Sheba medical center: Mother of three soldiers interrupts press conference convened by Gaza doctor who lost his three daughters, says ‘why is he engaging in propaganda? Have you all gone crazy?’

    read all of this news coverage at,7340,L-3657587,00.html

    These Internet Megaphone types are just so sick in the head… They’ll say and do almost anything.

  39. Avatar Don says:


    With respect to the unfortunate incident in which the Gaza doctor lost three of his daughters and his neice, Haaretz reported:

    Dr. Ezzeldeen Abu al-Aish, who lost three daughters and a niece in an Israel Defense Forces strike in the Gaza Strip last month, responded Wednesday to an IDF statement confirming that it was Israeli fire that killed his daughters, thanking those responsible for investigating the incident and saying that “we all make mistakes, and we don’t repeat them.”

    …The Palestinian doctor went on to say “I have two options – the path of darkness or the path of light. The path of darkness is like choosing all the complications with diseases and depression, but the path of light is to focus on the future and my children. This strengthened my conviction to continue on the same path and not to give up.”

    …The IDF released the conclusions of its investigation into the incident earlier Wednesday, explaining that Golani troops had been fired upon by snipers situated in the house adjacent to Abu al-Aish’s home. The troops identified suspicious figures in the upper levels of the doctor’s building, and deduced that they were serving as observers, directing the sniper fire from their vantage point.

    Following the IDF’s investigation in which the IDF acknowledged that its shells led to the death of a Gaza doctor’s three daughters and a niece, the doctor expressed understanding of the circumstances responsible and forgiveness. It is the kind of courageous example that is quite uncommon.

  40. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    So many ‘unfortunate incidents’ and you make us all sick, ‘Don’.

  41. Avatar Cara Riler says:

    thanks for the article, didnt realize that was happening, were leaning towards a soft tyranny

  42. Avatar jonah says:

    “Following the IDFs investigation”

    Meaning the Pigs who committed the murder got to investigate the Pigs who committed the murder.

    And of course, as always, the Pigs found their Fellow Pigs to be not guilty.

    Still no bodies of the snipers nor any captured snipers nor the rifles that the snipers allegedly used and of course no Dead Israeli Pigs from the sniper attack

    Makes it hard to claim that there actually WAS a sniper, but then, Some People are stupid enough to believe any and everything a Pig tells them.

  43. Avatar jonah says:

    Just like the cowards who support Dick Cheney and his torture and murder cartel.

    Cheney tells us that everybody who was tortured or killed by his minions was a Terrorist and all the Good Little Stupid Sheep say “they were terrorists, because Cheney told us they were”.

    Which is the theme of the original thread.

    “The IDF said there were snipers therefore there were snipers”

    Same thing…

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