End the illegal US blockade of Cuba

july 26 Cuba si, blockade no
JULY 26 marks the start of Fidel Castro’s six year struggle to throw out the US dictatorship in Cuba. The JULY 26 MOVEMENT became the name of the Cuban forces, commemorating the martyrs of 1953. July 26 is the International Day of Solidarity with the Cuban People. CUBA SI, BLOCKADE NO. End the 50-year-old illegal US blockade.

2 thoughts on “End the illegal US blockade of Cuba

  1. Thank you for asking. The UN has repeatedly denounced the US blockade, but we always veto their calls for it to be lifted.

    Blockades are economic warfare, undeclared, and are inhumane and destructive.

    Because America is displeased with Cuba’s independence is not justification to strong-arm others to starve the Cuban people of resources and development.

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