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Egyptians rally to reject Muslim Brotherhood effort to establish ‘Islamic’ Right Wing dictatorship

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘President Mursi’ has pretty much made his personal peace with the US government, the US Pentagon funded Egyptian military, and the US backed Apartheid State of Israel and is trying to establish a Far Right, ‘Islamic’ clergy dictatorship over the Egyptian people. The Egyptian population is now in full rebellion against this possible prospect… Egyptian protesters storm the Muslim Brotherhood HQ in Alexandria, Egypt …Let’s hope they succeed against this plot to stop a real democracy from being developed in Egypt, the Arab world’s most populous country.

The Egyptian Revolution has been jump started once again! Egypt unrest: Anti-Mursi protests intensify …This is what the US government’s rush to create multiple regime changes through war across the region, alongside the continuing Israeli violence against the Palestinian people is actually unleashing.

Egypt’s Revolution is now stalled by the control of the US government over the Egyptian military

Sure the Egyptian military jettisoned Mubarak under pressure to do so, but he was/ is dying anyway. What they did not jettison is their direct control over about 1/3 of the Egyptian economy. How did they get that huge a portion of control over employment and salaries in Egypt?

Time Magazine, in a moment of rare honesty, mentioned just how in an article dated a year and 1/2 ago. Here is what was said in brief….

‘But despite the military’s predominant role, the Egyptian public knows remarkably little about how the military actually operates. That’s because writing about the military has long been off-limits to the press. The secrecy begins with the military budget, which Jane’s estimates to be about $5 billion. However, one independent researcher has calculated that actual military expenditures could be four or five times larger. Part of the budget is made up of U.S. military assistance of $1.3 billion annually that provides financing for Egypt’s major weapons systems. (The funding must be spent on U.S. goods and services and is therefore effectively a subsidy for U.S. defense contractors.)

Read more: Time article.

He who pays, controls. And the US Pentagon has paid to control Egypt’s military, as it in turn controls affairs in the Arab country with the largest population in the Arab World. So we can see how Egyptians face the same problem that Americans face, which is just how can democracy be restored in our respective countries? And the answer is the same for Egyptians as it is with Americans. We have to dismantle military control over our respective national economies.

Egyptians, over 85 million of them, all know where the money came from to establish a military dictatorship over them. It came from the USA. Our US population is responsible for their suppression. For more info about this issue, see Some Egyptians Leery of U.S. Military Money’s Impact on Their Election ‘Like Pakistan and Turkey, the Egyptian military controls a significant part of their country’s economic activity, and benefits from continuing subsidies from the U.S. government.’ Indeed, this is so.

US military continues to back up terrorist Yemen dictatorship against their own people

‘Washington has stepped up drone attacks in Yemen since President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi took office in February. The Pentagon said earlier this month it had resumed sending military trainers to the Arab state. On Saturday, the head of the U.S. Special Operations Forces met Yemen’s chief of staff and said the United States was committed to supporting Yemen, the state news agency Saba reported.’ See Yemen clashes kill 34 militants, soldiers: officials and also here is more info about yet more US military operations in Yemen below…

‘At a Pentagon press conference on Tuesday (this past week), Defense Department spokesman Capt. John Kirby described the activities of US troops in Yemen as “counterterrorism operations,” while repeatedly refusing to provide any details. He allowed that American forces “do conduct operations with the Yemenis to get after terrorist targets.”

Meanwhile, the Obama administration Wednesday issued an executive order empowering the Treasury Department to target the US-based assets of anyone deemed by the White House to be threatening “the peace, security and stability” of Yemen.

Targeted by the measures are not the insurgents being hunted down by the CIA and the US military, but rather relatives of the former US-backed dictator, Saleh, who are refusing to relinquish their grip over key levers of power in the country. These include Brigadier Gen. Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh, the former president’s son, who headed the Republican Guard, and Brigadier Gen. Yahya Mohammed Abdullah Saleh, the former president’s nephew, who commands Yemen’s Central Security Forces. Another nephew, Tareq Saleh, has failed to cede command of the presidential guard, and the president’s half-brother, Gen. Mohammed Saleh Al-Ahmar, staged a strike by the country’s air force after Hadi decreed that he give up its command to become an assistant to the minister of defense.

The unstable and faction-ridden regime backed by Washington sits on top of what is the Arab world’s poorest country, 55 percent of whose population subsist on less than $2 a day and where the unemployment rate has risen to 53 percent. According to a recent UN report, nearly one million Yemeni children suffer from “acute malnutrition,” and roughly a quarter million of them “are at risk of dying” unless they receive immediate aid.’ …..See US drone strikes kill civilians in Yemen

Also, Libertarian run antiwar.com correctly explained the situation as this bama Decree Sanctions Any Who Challenge Rule of US-Backed Dictatorship in Yemen

The Ministry of Love (because non- compliance must be CRAZY right?)

In the book “1984” Winston Smith is arrested, and taken to the Ministry of Love, which in DoubleSpeak meant a Prison with a brainwashing facility. AKA, a psychiatric torture chamber. Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, held in a similar facility, in the Soviet Union, was described as Mentally Ill by the Soviets and the Western Propaganda Media called it a Gulag, a Concentration Camp and … Ministry of Love. When Massimo Tartaglia busted Berlusconi in the face by throwing a Church at him (literally, it was a model of the main cathedral in Milan), The GodlessFather Berlusconi first had a press release where Signor Tartaglia was taped begging his forgiveness, a “Ring Kissing” ceremony if ever I saw one. Berlusconi said he forgave him. And said two days later, as he was being bundled into his car, that “Love conquers hate”.

This being the Hate-filled Fascist Prick who expressed so much “love” for the policies of Hitler and Mussolini. Who “Loved” the Iraqi people so much, along with the former Fascist PM of Spain, that he joined the Bush Regime in bombing living Hell out of them.

Tartaglia was declared on Monday to be “unfit to stand trial” and the Italian “justice” Bureau ordered him to be kept in the Italian Psychiatric Ministry of Love until such time as they could prosecute him and make him start on the official punishmeLove Session. Meanwhile, behind closed “hospital” doors and “protected” from Human Rights scrutiny by the Loving medical privacy laws, so we’re told, he’s not being given pain causing drugs, held naked in a bare concrete cell or placed in painful restraints, or if he is, it’s not torture in any way.

No, using psychiatric facilities as Torture Dungeons is something only bad wicked people like the Soviets would ever do. Not “civilized” people like Berlusconi, or for that matter his Fascist Idol Mussolini.

Here’s the Fascist Prick immediately afterward. Sic Semper Piggus!

Oooh, I bet that gander doesn’t taste nearly as good with all the Goose Sauce on it…. What goes around comes back around, Baby, and you just got run over by a Karma.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Puppet Government denies that they mistreated Prisoner of War Muntadhar al Zaidi after he stood up to his American Masters, and the U.S. Air Force “doctors” who had him in THEIR custody for the better part of a week before turning him over to their Puppet Dictatorship “Ministry of Love” also deny Torture allegations.

Vive la Resistance

Baby Killing Spree Continues: Alyana Jones, age 7, shot by Detroit Pigs

Things I learned while being handcuffed then beaten for the “crime” of Talking Back..
Pigs are Cowards. That’s the most important lesson. They know they’re cowards and as individuals are powerless even over their own lives. They resent it and need to lash out at anybody who is MAN ENOUGH to defy their Arrogance. Dissent, you see, weakens their so-called “Authority”, which is Right Wing Code for “Power Trip”.
They use modifications of the age-old dismissals (violently delivered) of any criticism of their Dictatorial Ways, “Might Makes Right” “A Deo rex, a rege lex” (The king is given by God, and the Law from the King) “Oderint dum metuant” (Let them hate us, as long as they Fear us… the underlying principle in the Global War on Terror and a direct quote from both Gaius Julius Caesar II, “Caligula” and Nero) “Rex est Lex viva, animata, et loquens lex”(The King is the Living and breathing law, and his word is Law… much like the modern practice of calling the Police “The Law”) and “go along to get along” meaning, convenience is more important a social value than Conscience.

I learned that there are always Retarded Groups who can be counted on to Back The Badge no matter how corrupt the Pig who wears the badge. People who will say “Well, you obviously didn’t learn Your Lesson

Ah, but I DID learn several lessons. Like I said, the most important ones are that the PIGS are Cowards, who can’t fight one-on-one even against somebody who is shackled. And that their supporters are Equally Cowardly.

The Chickenshits who say “you didn’t learn your lesson”, you know who you are.
And the direct translation of that is “somebody else needs to teach it to you again, but not us, because we’re not only Morally and Intellectually Cowards, but Physical Cowards”
I’m sure you Chickenshits would, if you had enough of your coward brethren present to embolden you, attempt to “teach me another lesson”.

Believe me, though, your words and actions already taught me a lesson, and reinforce it daily. It’s just, you know, not the lesson you hoped to teach.

I didn’t fail to learn, YOUR chickenshit PIGS failed to teach. And they always will.
Alyana Jones, age 7, you PIGS sure did “teach her a lesson” didn’t you?
Taught us all a lesson, yep. “Don’t defy our Divinely Appointed Authority or we’ll crash into your houses and kill your kids”.
The way you do routinely not only in Detroit, but also Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, if your Thug Leaders get their Satanic way, soon it will be Iran…

As always you’ll need your Gang to help you.

I forbore from writing this earlier, because the one lesson deeply imprinted on my brain is that of a sneering PIG with a club striking me and saying “I’m going to teach you a lesson” and “Who’s gonna believe YOU? All we have to do is say that you’re CRAZY and we’ll get away with it… we ALWAYS do”
The Murdering cowardly PIG who snuffed Alyana won’t face charges. That’s guaranteed.
Neither will any of his accomplices, including the Detroit District Attorney who won’t fight for an indictment, the Detroit Judge who’ll dismiss any charges, and especially the Coward Ass “Back the Badge” RETARDS. They’re the most important link in the chain of Police State crimes.

Your vote just doesn’t count in the two party dictatorship

Hydra …Dictatorships have gotten wise. It is easier to run a dictatorship when you present the public with two parties instead of one. Dictatorial Power no longer resides in just one single individual in today’s dictatorship, but within one power bloc instead. The public face of today’s dictatorship is a bureaucratic assemble of hacks, not just the face of one Supremo.

Take the current American dictatorship for an example (though Mexico’s current dictatorship is run exactly the same way, and if the American public was more familiar with Mexico would be just as illustrative as the American dictatorship itself is), where dictatorial power resides in a bureaucratic assemble of a bloc of bipartisan DP-RP hacks. We shall look at the present US government drive towards war with Russia as our example.

The public face of the American dictatorship comes in condensed form through the faces of about 6 individuals; Obama, Biden, Cheney, Bush, McCain, Lieberman (very possibly the VP selection by McCain). All have been appointed more than truly elected, and all are united in the need for the US to attack Russia. Russia confronts not El Supremo but rather a six headed hydra of global business domination centered in the US.

A modern day American dictatorship is the viper we can all see publicly, but it is multi-faced, and not that of just one Gran Prepotente (Big Shot). Unfortunately, the public has a hard time truly understanding that the face of America’ modern dictatorship is truly not much different from dictatorship’s of the past, where Mr. Power Hog ruled over all.

In the past, the dictator put on a show election, but that is still how it is done today with the multi-headed Dictator Bloc, too. The show currently is in the pageantry at Denver and St. Paul. In both cases, your vote really need not be bothered to be counted, since the selection was already made for you by raw economic power, which you have none of.

Dictatorship has always resided in ownership, and today’s multi-headed hydra dictatorship for all its apparent differences with the past is no different. The dictatorship owns all; press, soldiers, police, banks, oil, money supply, jobs, the water and air your life depends on. Rebel, and they’ll take off the shirt on your back and the pants you wear, and give you those of their own which they will now own.

Well what about our example of the American dictatorship confronting Russia? It is obvious to see for all that should look and think, that the 6 headed hydra of Obama, Biden, Cheney, Bush, McCain, Lieberman all have obtained ‘consensus’ to rule just like a one headed El Supremo style dictatorship would. They are all for using the Pentagon and NATO to attack Russia. Your vote doesn’t count in the 2 party dictatorship! It’s because the America you live in is a dictatorship. Vote if it makes you feel good but don’t be under any delusions about it.