Happy Valentine to date-rapists at large

Robert Psaty of PuebloCOLORADO SPRINGS- A local jury on Friday had a Valentine’s Day message for would-be date-rapist Robert Psaty. The jury of peers, it might be said, representing a region with a disproportion of soldiers, engineer-contractors and correctional officers, concluded getting caught putting a drug in his date’s drink, is not grounds enough to find a person guilty, if there’s room to blame the victim.

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6 Responses to Happy Valentine to date-rapists at large

  1. Well, you knew the Cops don’t actually investigate Their Fellow Pigs.

    And a lot of the readers do as well.

    Some of our newly found Fan Club on the other hand, seem to have a problem with admitting it.

    Kind of the reverse of the premise of the movie “Liar Liar”…

    They just can’t force themselves to tell the truth.

    It must hurt their teeth when something that isn’t an outright lie passes through them.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Psaty had gotten two deferred sentences on felonies in the past and my guess is that he got those based on having spent time in the US military? He might even have once entered the US military to get out of some other conviction by joining up?

    The woman he was trying to drug had already been convicted of using false pharmacy scrips to get her drugs and probably had no history of being in the US military to get her off with a deferred judgement? So the jury’s decision went against her.

    The country is so sick on its grand love affair with uniforms that it doesn’t even have a clue on how this sometimes results in judicial bias against women (for not having spent time in the military, and bias on behalf FOR ex soldiers who are more often male than female.

    The Judicial System often awards custody of children almost automatically to women, and in such cases as the Psaty case, allows male sex abusers to get away with their criminal activites against women. ‘Justice’ truly is oftentimes blind in America!

  3. Avatar ohwilleke says:

    Did the jury acquit? The linked story reported that he made a “my girlfriend asked me to drug her” defense, but didn’t say anything about the verdict (and indeed indicated that a juror asked a skeptical question).

  4. Avatar ohwilleke says:

    Searching around a bit, I found the story from the next day with the acquittal. Go figure.

    Incidentally, a Colorado appellate court decision this week ruled that sex within someone in the haze of sleep counts as rape even if one mistakenly initially thinks it is someone whom one would consent to have sex with.

  5. Avatar McGrath says:

    Just before the jury came in, I stopped to say a prayer to God. I asked him for the jury to come back with a guilty verdict for all of the other victims who are too afraid to come forward or are unable to speak up for themselves, like those in the State Mental Hospital, in the Deaf and Blind School and in the State Prisons where Mr. Psaty has worked.

    Unfortunately the jury was not allowed to hear any testimony regarding any of Mr. Psaty’s previous misdemeanor offenses. I do understand that he deserves to be given a clean slate because he is innocent until proven guilty. But why is it that the victim’s past can be brought up to discredit them?

    I can not believe that “consent” was the one factor that swayed the jury to giving a not guilty verdict. HOW ABOUT SOME COMMON SENSE HERE? simple common sense should have elicited a guilty verdict. I never gave Mr. Psaty permission to give me any medication. It was the first time we met in person. Would anyone? I have been given Valium twice in my lifetime and both times I had such bad reactions to it I had to be hospitalized. Why would I give this man I was meeting for the first time consent to give me any medication, let alone Valium that was dropped into my drink behind my back? I can’t believe he can get away with this crime where an independent witness, Colt Haugen, who had no involvement in the issue, came forward to testify that he saw Mr. Psaty drug my drink.

    My blood was tested in the emergency room and came back with the finding that I had a benzodiazepine (the class of medication Valium is in) in my blood. Figuring out which benzodiazepine could only be done by the State Forensics lab, who did find Valium in my drink.

  6. Avatar jonah says:

    Yeah, I can see why he has to dope women beforehand.

    His sparkling personality just ain’t gonna cut it.

    Working as a cop/prison-keeper with a nursing license or, on the reverse a Nurse with a badge, the dude is given virtually limitless powers over people in his “care”.

    I wonder, you know, if the Innocent until PROVEN GUILTY lie (I started to write “line” made a typo, which works better anyway. Got to clean my keyboard though. Note to self: clean keyboard) when he, by his word, had prisoners/slash/patients restrained, drugged with painful chemical restraints or tortured with a Taser because they were ALLEGEDLY “acting out”.

    Actually, no I don’t. I already know the answer.

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