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The case of turning your 9 y/o kid into a Coca Cola whore and US Police State madness

The news from America just keeps on getting worse and worse and worser. The Massachusetts Child Protective Services is investigating the dad of this 9 y/o kid because of how he has his kid performing in a ‘joke’ video for youtube! Rapper ‘Lil Poopy’ sings ‘Coke ain’t a bad word’ …’Coke ain’t a bad word’? Oh YES it is, Coca Cola.

Shame on you, Massachusetts CPS and State government, for not admitting that the Coca Cola Company itself DOES abuse children, much more than this kid’s dad might be also doing. Go after the big company and not his dad, Pig Force America!

In America, the big wigs get constant praise while the common folk get ‘investigations’, jail time, and their kids possibly taken away by the police. What a shame. The ‘drug war’ madness of the US Police State apparatus just keeps getting crazier and crazier. When will it end?