Pavlov’s hierarchy of bells

Religious hierarchy
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4 Responses to Pavlov’s hierarchy of bells

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    The attacker was “mentally ill”.

    You know how the terms Mad and Angry get used interchangeably among the Linguistically Challenged?

    Madness might express itself in Anger, and Anger might lead to Madness…

  2. Avatar andy says:

    maybe she had a kid who was molested by a priest, or maybe she was a Holocaust survivor, or maybe the catholic church was her slum lord, or maybe she was a Mayan,Aztec or Inca and had her culture destroyed by the church, or maybe she was an intellectual who didn’t like the 1000 year long dark ages where learning and thinking were crimes ETC

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    yeah. I googled it using the term “pope attacker” and got 20 pages of results that were about the Irish priest connection.

    I haven’t checked, this purely a guess, but I bet Fox News doesn’t have an OUTRAGE! segment going about this.

    I quit watching the news on TeeVee for the past 3 days or so because they had even more than their usual ration of Jingoistic crap. Every commercial break they either had something about Operation Home Front and their corporate sponsors, OR the Air Force and “Santa Tracker”.

    I know what Santy Clawz brought 10 families in Iraq for “christ”mas. It sure is nice to know the Air Force is flying cover for him.

    But since the news was like that all weekend I just tuned anything out from the MSM.

    BBC Online has better coverage.
    The Local home-brew stuff doesn’t even mention any names. Just the Mentally Ill Mantra.

  4. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Susanna Maiolo.

    That from the Guardian.

    and followed by the “psychiatric problems” line.

    They used a similar mantra against Massimo Tartaglia and al-Zaidi.

    Also that Tartaglia “apologized” … I wonder how many fists to the face (while he was handcuffed or even further restrained) and Tazer-touches it took to get him to “apologize”.

    So far Susanna Maiolo hasn’t offered a similar “apology”. I guess the torture techniques aren’t working on her.

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