Multitasking inefficiently, but fast!

Blackberry Bold
Yo AT&T Fast Dude. With your AT&T Blackberry 3G cell phone, you “can surf the internet fast, download attachments fast, and send them to colleagues fast.”

Okayyy… And while you’re thumb sprinting in 3G, a tortoise could email his colleagues with the direct link to the file, and do it even on a 300 baud modem. Faster?

3 thoughts on “Multitasking inefficiently, but fast!

  1. A laptop.

    Don’t believe me, ask Kevin Mitnick.

    He pretty much owned the Net using an i486.

    with 64 megs of RAM.

    I sell computers and repairs thereto.

    So I know about that.

    On the net you’re using the resources of the Host computer.

    The original net was done on 8088 processor machines without even a hard disk.
    There’s a really stupid method that people use, they take out the airbag from the steering wheel, Oh Well their funeral on that, but then they put in an LCD screen.

    Look at all the people driving with one hand on their Cell and one out the window giving you the bird for daring to be in the same road with them.

    What would somebody like that do with the possibility of surfing the web while trying to navigate traffic?

    I mean, really, what exactly would they do?

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