Iraqi Occupation, Abomination! Iraqi Occupation, Obama Nation?

dennis-apuan.jpg APUAN HOSTS JOBS AND THE ECONOMY TOWN HALL sez the El Paso County Democratic Party website here in Colorado Springs! Dennis Apuan is a very nice former head honcho of the local Peacecrat grouplet called the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission.

Special Guest Speaker Terrance Carroll to Join and he is a very nice man too, who has so very little power despite being Speaker of the Colorado State House of Representatives.

Saturday, February 7, 2009
12:00 noon to 1:30 PM

Ruth Holley Public Library
685 North Murray Blvd.
Colorado Springs, 80915

Both these Democrats are very nice folk, and I believe that Dennis Kucinich is, too. However…..?

Aren’t they also now shills for Obama? Aren’t they also loyal members of a War Party? Aren’t they both essentially silent on the major issues of the day? In fact, don’t they both pretend that the Democratic Party is something much better than it really is? That’s their job as Democratic Party decorations.

According to Dennis Apuan and the local chapter of the DP, As Democrats We Believe:

Defending all of the human rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.
A clear separation of Church and State.
Swift and appropriate punishment for criminal behavior.
Freedom from undue government interference in our private lives and personal decisions.
Fiscal responsibility in government.
Equal opportunity for all citizens.
A quality education that gives all individuals the opportunity to reach their potential.
A quality environment in which to raise our children.
The value of diversity within the community.
Rewarding honest, hard work with a living wage and fair taxation.
Community support for strong families.
Security in our homes, our communities and our nation.
A nation that will serve as a model of economic and social justice to the rest of the world

Really now? Is that anything like the national program of the Democratic Party or is it in fact the polar opposite of the positions that Barack Obama and his herd of Slick Willie retreads takes? A message for this meeting would best be…

Iraqi Occupation, Abomination! Iraqi Occupation, Obama Nation!

Neither one of the keynote speakers seems to even remember anything about Iraq? Why is that? The Democratic Party is still keeping Iraq an occupied nation and by doing that, gives the lie that the national Democrats actually believe in all those nice things the local folk say they believe in.

Afghanistan Occupation, Abomination! Afghanistan Occupation, Obama Nation?

Get the message, Dennis? Your political party stands for bad times every much so as the Republicans do.

(There is Dennis Third from the Right in the picture… Black banner behind him)

Stop Obama’s Wars!

2 thoughts on “Iraqi Occupation, Abomination! Iraqi Occupation, Obama Nation?

  1. Hardly anybody showed up at this meeting which was held in a very small venue. Those who did come seemed mainly concerned that the ‘Black President’ was possibly getting picked on unfairly? That was their issue and not Iraq, Afghanistan, and the economy as far as I could tell?

    Dennis Apuan who really is a quite decent person assured me that he and I were both on the same side of the issues. Not exactly true but I let it ride and wished him well. I hardly saw a mass movement behind Obama at this event, as it is clear that it is really corporate purse strings that has made The Man and not ground level activism (at least not from here in CS).

  2. Dennis ApuanI’d like to state that I think Dennis Apuan performed a formidable job when he led DYNAMIC PEACE- MAKING at the J&P. We have only subsequently learned that Dennis was up against resolute disruptors operating under the cover of STATIC PEACE- WISHING: the nonviolent advocacy of non-confrontation, non-attention getting, and pacification of all feelings of indignation about injustice. Activism needs Dennis’s steady determination and ceaseless effort.

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