Name is Yettaw, John Hasenfus Yettaw.

John William Yeattaw takes self-portrait before swimming Yangon Inya Lake to see dissident Aung San Suu KyiUgly American John William Yettaw snapped this picture of himself before swimming across a Burmese lake to meet with detained Myanmar democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Yettaw claims to be writing an inspirational book on heroes and was apprehended on his return lap. Now Suu Kyi is facing charges of violating the conditions of her house arrest.
The last time a faceless middle-aged American bungled into world events, his funny name was Eugene Hasenfus, another pot-bellied religious Vietnam vet, who turned out to be a private contractor for the CIA. Could Yettaw have been plumbing covert communications equipment in anticipation of Suu Kyi’s role in Myanmar’s upcoming elections, or was Yettaw intended to trip the wire?

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2 Responses to Name is Yettaw, John Hasenfus Yettaw.

  1. Avatar ProudPrimate says:

    It’s just too staged looking. Too coincidental with the impending review. Too remote to be real. That was my first reaction. And this self-portrait nails it. He reeks of the same presumptuous arrogance that marked E. Howard Hunt.

    Plus, here’s another Mormon, like Jay Bybee the memo writer and the two torture engineers, Mitchell and Jessen. They are like Central Casting for the Deep State’s antics.

  2. Anglos India has it’s hands everywhere, nepal, bangladesh, tibet, xinjiang, pakistan, malaysia, cambodia, thailand, indonesia, now even singapore and australia ~ land grab through confusion, division and population infiltration ~

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