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Crying while eating

You’ve done it. I’ve certainly done it. Sitting down for a bite to eat, suddenly overcome by emotion. “My GOD. What has my life become?” Or “Why, oh why, are we making WAR when we should be making LOVE?” Or, in my most recent case, “Why the HELL do I spend half my life doing things I HATE?”

Perhaps you were already crying but, through your tears, saw last night’s leftover lemon chicken and just could not resist.

Do not despair. We are not alone. Plenty of good people, people just like us, cry while they eat. The difference is that they have the presence of mind to capture it on video.

“We must moan while eating,” answered Pecuchet, “for it was by this path that mankind lost its innocence.” ~ Bouvard and Pecuchet, Gustave Flaubert, 1881

Star gazing close to home

On my walk today, I noticed something that looked like a tiny planetarium on a neighbor’s deck.
“Is that a planetarium on your deck?” I asked, half kidding.
“No,” he replied. “It’s a telescope.”
“Really? Like a Celestron?”
Smiling, he shook his head. “No, not like a Celestron.”
Check out what my neighbor does in his spare time.

The mosquito ringtone

My little girls just shared an amazing secret with me. High frequency mosquito ringtones are being used by kids to receive calls and text messages in school, movie theaters, the dinner table, and other off-limit locales. Most adults over 30 can’t hear the ringtones due to presbycusis, a fancy medical term for old ears. The piercing sounds were originally used by British shopkeepers to keep loitering teens at bay, but kids have discovered how to use the teen repellent to their advantage. So clever!
The kids and I tried this over and over at different frequencies. I couldn’t hear anything except their squeals of laughter.
This is supposed to be a great boon for teens. But with a household of cell-toting young ones, it sounds like a win-win to me!